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The Greek Finance Minister arriving at the office

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Cris, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Yanis Varoufakis might be in charge of an economy that's on the verge of taking the EU down, but he is seriously cool. For a politician. Here he is arriving at work on his XJR 1300:


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  2. Yes I saw that on the news as well. A surprising bike as an Athens commuter choice although they are pretty tough.
  3. ok everyone- yes he is not wearing any gloves, lets just try to keep calm.
    we're going to get through this.
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  4. He's in his fifties, and (I think) only took up riding a couple of years ago. Maybe his choice of bike is a nod to nostalgia for Australia's wide open road.
  5. if he comes off and gets gravel rash he wont be able to choke the chicken or spank his monkey
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  6. Has his monkey been misbehaving again?
  7. seeing hes greek
    I would assume so
  8. Not only that but he pillions other members of parliament without a helmet ;)

  9. he charges in wristys doesn't he
  10. Is that what they call 'hard currency'?
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  11. liquid assets
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  12. haha! Or a short term deposit
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  13. Monicas dress has long term deposits so ive heard
  14. Bill should have gone Greek then ;)
  15. its spelt greek
    they cant afford the capitol anymore
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  16. There's always a deal to be had in through the back door
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  17. Good for him!

    Let's face it, who gives a flying F@#k about what might happen to a Greek polly.

    The only good thing that could be said of them is that they manage to make some Ozzie politicians look almost sensible.
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  18. No, it wouldn't have been his choice, but I assume the local Yamaha dealer was the only bike dealer prepared to give credit to the government.

    You don't think HE bought it do you?
  19. In Greece you learn to ride by the time you are 15
  20. I dunno if you realise this, Lionz, but you have just about summed up the problems of Greece.