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The greatest special edition dvd ever

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I just paid $44.95 for the special edition of Transformers.....
    that comes in an Optimus Prime DVD case that actually TRANSFORMS!!!

    It kicks major arse

  2. Don't you think it looks a little tacky?
  3. Yes

    And I don't care!!!

    It transforms goddamit!!!!
  4. I had to do a search for it to see what I was missing out on... I was a little disappointed.

    I shouldn't have set my expectations so high, as it still is a pretty cool concept, but still...

    For those that are interested, here are some photos I pinched from another happy customer:



  5. Mate, you really need to get out more. :p
  6. JB HiFi are selling them for $27.95 !
  7. muahahah vid ezy ( my work ) are selling them for $27.81. 81c? yeah i know, they claim lowest price in austrlia thing, even if it's only be 1c
  8. Video hire-3$
    DVD Shrink+Nero+blank dvd's=3 fiddy give or take.
    Case=rounded to say 40 bananas.
    No offense Tash, Im a tightass scottish git, you can keep yer case.
    Still stuff like that if you keep in good nick is worth big bucks in future. If I kept all my toys and cases when I was a wee tacker, ebay be my friend now :grin:
  9. I hired it for 1.50 on tuesday :p
  10. There's a hidden special feature if you know how to do it. Simply pull out the DVD and put it on a table. Then put your beer on it. It instantly transforms into a drink coaster. :shock: I've heard you can turn it into a frisbee too, but I'm yet to find the trick to do it.
  11. That reminds me of the cheat someone found for Spiro the Dragon on the Playstation - apparently if you took the disk and threw it out the window, you'd get a life :p.
  12. okay, now thats funny!!
    i couldnt want for the aussie release, it was released in the US a few weeks before aus, so i bought it over there and got it that way, had the 2 disk set 2 weeks before it was even released. i loooove transformers, and this movie is freakin awesome!!

  13. Hahahahaha!!!! Awesome :p Though Spiro was cute, he annoyed me so much!!! Couldn't stand the game. I was a zelda girl (still am)...

    Edgelett, I understand - Transformers rules :grin:
  14. I have to hunt through all the boxes in my little cousin's garage one day to see if they still have my original Optimus Prime Tranformer. He was kick ass!

    Purchased around 1988 for $45 from some crappy department store in forest hill. I think it was Venture or Ventura if i'm not getting confused with the buses.
  15. ive got an original optimus prime toy at my parents place still in the box with its fitzgeralds(now known as harris scarf) $50 price tag. they have been selling for a bit over $500 since the movie came out. i also went and got one of the new toys, that to will remain in the box for a bout 20 years.