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The greatest road in the world.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FluffyDonkey, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Mate just book the tickets and lets go.

    Doesn't that look so good. The family consists of four, but just book two tickets for me. Mine and the bike's. :grin:
  2. OMFG!!! That is awesome!
  3. when are we booking tickets.

    count me in!!!

    ohh do i have to pay myself. i will buy a lotto ticket for us all
  4. $100 million for his driveway, I'm sure he could shout us all a trip over!
  5. Waterfall way is similar :)
  6. Thanks for the link Fluffy :cool:
  7. Sweet fna that is brilliant.
  8. "but almost nothing is known about its creation" ....

    Wow, almost sounds like something out of Erich Von Danikens "Chariots of the gods"

  9. hmm i wonder what road in aus best compares with that...
  10. Imagine running out of fuel on the bottom without a mobile. I just had to mention that.
  11. Awesome!!! Those night pics are amazing. :grin:
  12. If you ran out of fuel, you could just push it to the nearest refinery! Your in oil rich lands...
  13. :( I am living in the wrong country... or just the wrong state...
  14. In Victoria:

    Probably the Black Spur. It's longer, and for the most part since it got re-sealed some time back, is race-track smooth to the point that Phillip Island is quite possibly bumpier, and climbs a hill, although rising only a few hundred meters, as opposed to 2000 meters.

    Black Spur doesn't have street lamps or the odd double lanes, but the lanes are fairly wide and friendly.

    Marengo (Apollo Bay) to Lavers Hill should also get an honourable mention, but it's starting to get a little bumpy in places now that it's ~20years on since it was sealed.

    Dinner Plain (Mt Hotham) down to Omeo offers some pretty spectacular sealed serpentine scenery and last I visited it, was pretty smooth.
  15. that's awesome, count me in.
  16. Just added another "must do" on my around the world trip!! :grin:

    that road looks awesome... can't wait to get there :cool: