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The Great Race and other Vintage Rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Panhead Jim, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I've been trying to find out more information about the Great Race, but their website doesn't seem to have much content. Anyone help me out with some information? Sounds like it is probably too short to warrant a trip to Australia, but perhaps there are some other vintage rides that cover more distance. Here in the US, we have a Cannonball Run which is open for bikes 1936 and older. The route is coast to coast. Anything similar in Australia? I've always wanted to visit Australia and if I could ride a vintage motorcycle at the same time, that would be perfect!

  2. I sold my Chief about 10 years ago so I haven't been able to do any more "races". It's a great couple of days at the venue (different each year) but the most fun is the ride there & back. Unless times have changed the Harleys had to be Knucklehead or earlier so a Panhead isn't eligible. It really isn't a race but a time trial/observation run.
    I'm not involved in the vintage scene any more but let me know if you'd like further information & contact details about the Great Race 2014.
    Cheers, Peter.
  3. Any info on the Great Race would be appreciated. I'm looking to get a 1933 VL, so it would qualify...
  4. Great. I'll check those out.
  5. Hey Panhead,
    I was just thinking that the next Ulysses Club AGM is in Alice Springs in central Australia and you could ride with a group from Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne to the AGM and then find your own fun from there...It would be a real hoot...Just a thought...

    Have fun dude and keep the rubber side down...

    Kobo :cool:
  6. Jim Parker (Indian club sec) got back to me saying for Harley entry to contact Dave Reiddie at Harley City, 770 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia
    [​IMG](03) 9383 5033.
    I just tried their web site again but it's still down.

    Kobo, The Ulysses AGM is probably not the best place for a vintage Harley. He's better off looking for vintage rallies where back up trailers are part of the rally. Not that i'm saying Harleys break down.;)
  7. Snapey, did you read the last sentence of his post? I'm just offering an alternative to a vintage rally.

    Kobo :cool: