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The great NR work environment competition of 2010

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, May 13, 2010.

  1. Yeah, as the title says, post a pic of where you work. I have a relatively boring contribution to make unless you're a tech head like me and can spot the assorted gizmos on my desk

    Before you all ask, yes I do have some pretty tedious tasks to get done this afternoon - this is going to entertain me.

  2. If I win, do I get that tin of paint on the far left of the desk? :D
  3. ..er.... there is a strange headless body sitting in the seat!!...oh!.. the head is on the desk to the left!! 8-[
  4. found the head!

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  5. That had jellybeans in it at one point. And then I went on a health binge and didn't refill it.

    So if you want an empty tin, sure, why not :p

    And that looks NOTHING like me. I am NOT transparent.
  6. .. looks just like him!!..... :rofl:
  7. Ooooooh, I can win this!

    But can I turn around to take the pic?
  8. There are no rules... Do what you wish...
  9. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Rock on my little flutterbys!
  10. HOW DARE YOU!!! I had to work REALLY hard on that :cry:

  11. ..it's a true work of art!!... :wink:
  12. Thanks babe :)
  13. Well this has been entertaining. Screw you hippies, I'm going home!
  14. Oi oi oi! I didn't bring my camera to worksies today. I'll try to charge it tonight, bring it tomorrow, take some photos, put them on my computer and then put them on the forum. Quite satisfied?

    Sleep well! Hope you have a lovely dinner :D
  15. Bah your desk is to clean.
  16. Got any biscuits in the cupboard? Or perhaps in that locked drawer? 8-[8-[
  17. Better?

    And his desk IS messy :-O

    WAIT!!! What is he looking at online!?!?! :-O

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  18. Is that a mouse on his desk!? :-O

    And his phone is ringing and not answered it :(
  19. Nice!

    Ah that's just the triple-X-phone-sex hotline calling back.:D

  20. Much better. Great skills there. lol