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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. All,

    For those interesting in global warming, particularly with "Earth Hour" yesterday I strongly suggest watching:

  2. Interesting..... I watched the first 15 mins while downloading the whole movie.
    I'll get back to it later today, but it certainly raises interesting questions about the political reasons behind the global warming debate.
    Having said this, sticking to the basic c02 causes global warming isn't entirely accurate either, and we need to consider the impact of air pollution and the deforestation of our largest masses of "oxygen" generators, especially in the Americas...

    anyway, will definitely watch the whole thing later today.
  3. Well, wait until you watch more, as it claims it isn't C02 at all, but the sun going through cycles.....
  4. Who funded it? that might reveal the agenda its trying to push :?
    Go to Shanghai, look up at the sky, see the sun every 10th day, then tell me there's no such thing global warming and our effecting the climate's natural cycles before industrial revolutions.

    Do you honestly believe a lazy 1 billion,three hundred million, people of China and 1 billion Indian, give or take the population of Tasmania, all consuming resources at a unprecedented rate, can see on a mass scale , a lifestyle what we have for decades taken for granted, because with the advent of things like the internet can see how the other half live, and now rightly say, we want some too.
    With the average Chinese consuming annually- 1/13th G.D.P. of what the average American consumes annually,i.e. 13 cheeseburgers to 1, and all the embedded energy to get that cheeseburger to your plate, will have no effect what so ever to polution&environment? Mind you, using resources we sell them,so we can have yet another 2$ shop with endless plastic crap and consumer goods at rock bottom prices,that we all need soooo much.

    As much as you may think its all media hype and cant fathom it, aint buying the story- is exactly as much on the flip side of that coin, that I cant believe you cannott fathom the TOTALLY OVERWHELMING evidence that global warming and man impacting our environment almost beyond redemption exists.
  5. For anyone wanting to watch this "documentary" I recommend reading this as well
  6. the article gets back to my original point, re: c02 not being the only factor in the "global warming" issue.
    I certainly believe that the issue is a real and imminent threat to our existence (as we know it) but it is a complex issue as I said before, not just pertaining to what we're putting into the atmosphere but what we're taking away from natural ecosystem that creates it.

    All of these "documentaries" have an agenda. Just because we don't agree or have other evidence to support our view doesn't mean that there aren't valid points.......
  7. What a thought provoking vid.

    The key message of the video is that global warming IS TRUE, but not for the CO2 greenhouse gas reasons that are universally portrayed.

    Clouds being seeded from cosmic particles... is the bit that most tripped up my ears. When the solar winds are strong, less clouds form... earth is hotter. And conversely when there's less wind, more cosmic particle get through and hence more cloud and hence lower temperatures... Right now, there's more solar wind, hence the earth is heating up.

    It's a pursuasive argument.

    But then so are the countering arguments in the link that templemonkey posted. It directly refutes the whole video.

    I don't think it's worth playing the who is paying who card... the pro CO2 folk have vested interests in making their case via funding etc... just as equally as the opposing folk who may be being paid by big business. On this front, it's a "one all" argument and each side fails.

    There was no mention of who funded the video.

    It's a very smart and craftily created doco. Every question that came to mind as I was watching it was answered shortly later. What I would have liked to have seen though, to complete the balance, is some discussion of the pro greenhouse gas folk and how they'd refute the claims of this doco.

    There are no references or citations quoted for the sources of the graphs used in the doco, which to me is a serious flaw. To my mind, it undermines the credability of the doco.

    :-k :-k :-k

    This is more of a headf*ck that Paul's religion thread... and interestingly, tooooo many similar parallels...

    :-k :-k :-k
  8. Certainly, there's no doubt global warming is happening and IMO the cause couldn't be clearer or more obvious. :)

  9. :-k Seany, what's the mechanism that explains why a declining pirate population results in the earth's average temperature increasing??? :-k

  10. Rob, the decline in pirate numbers angers the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He causes the global warming with associated hurricanes and natural disasters in response to the pirate decline. The effects of pirates on tempreture are well proven. :)

    You may have noted that last night was not particularly hot. You would've also noticed that last night, I was dressed as a pirate. :) I feel if more people had been dressed as pirates last night, it could have been very chilly indeed. :wink:

    To further evidence this, here is a picture of a pirate weatherman giving a forecast for cold weather. Remember, the temperatures shown are in Fahrenheit. :)
  11. Pirate numbers throughout the ages have grown, not dwindled.
    In recent years we have had pirates pirating cassettes - then CDs, then music files, and now even movies.

    Their numbers grow - and you can no longer count on the crafty buggers wearing an eyepatch either :shock:
  12. The video I posted isn't necessarily the Gospel truth when talking about Global Warming, but it is refreshing to hear a different opinion.
  13. Unless they dress in pirate regalia the Flying Spaghetti Monster refuses to accept them as pirates. The people copying music don't count in the eyes of the FSM. He's more interested in the outfits, sailing boats and saying "Arrrggg" than the criminal activity. Thats why to preach about Pastafarianism, the FSM demands that full pirate regalia be worn. :)
  14. I'd rather most people just say that they don't know sh*t about anything than argue unintelligently one way or the other.

    Interesting doco though.

    I'm off to do some backyard burning now! :p
  15. Within the first 2 and a half minutes there are several simple inacuracies...

    I'd love to know who the funders of it are...
    I'll watch it out but it sounds like a load of bullshit to me.
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  17. That Global warming Crap

    Aliens .......
  18. Piers Ackerman is a great example of 'qui bono' - where is the money?

    His article was laughable. He states that 'Those running around with their petticoats pulled firmly over their heads don't want to know that the Romans grew wine grapes in Britain'

    Well Piers, grapes are still grown in England. Are you suggesting some sort of mini ice age between those times where grapes could not be grown. Perhaps he thinks that the industrial revolution used as the basis for Svante Arrhenius' global warming theory actually occurred more than a thousand years earlier than history texts would have us believe.

    His next gem 'Greenland got its name because it used to be warm enough for farmers'

    I cracked up when I read this. The Viking colonies of Greenland and Vinland were founded by Eric the Red while in exile over a murder charge. In order to attract more people to his colonies, he painted a grandiose picture of their assets. Put simply, he lied. Greenland, while capable of growing grasses in the summer months, proved to be an eventual agricultural failure (largely because the agriculture applied was unsuited to its conditions). The colony of Vinland (believed to be in Newfoundland) failed because of hostility with the native peoples but it was no agricultural haven either.

    His last point is an exercise in true tragic irony

    'There is a debate to be had, but it serves no one if those promoting fear are resorting to pseudo-science and questionable modelling to make their case.'

    Indeed Mr Ackerman, which is why you should stop.
  19. Falcon Lord, what were the inaccuracies??
  20. Well I watched the video and it hasn't altered my belief about global warming. That is, the world is probably undergoing a change but how much of that can be attributed to mankind is questionable.

    Remember this though, 8 years ago these same so called experts told us that in the year 2000 computers would reset and cease to function, power stations would shut down along with all the other doom and gloom of these prophets of doom. And what happened ? absolutely nothing.

    I suspect a lot of people made money out of the Y2K scare. Quality assurance experts and book sellers to name a few. In fact if my memory serves me correctly U.S. congress set up an investigation and took to task those people championing the Y2K scare.

    And keep this in mind, scientists tell us one minute that chocolate, wine and beer is bad for us ...... and within six months time they say exactly the opposite.

    Go figure