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The Great Escape - My first big Bike trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Data Queue, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I have posted a few questions around the traps and read some really good advice on these forums.
    This thread is to be used to plan the itinerary and update on the progress of the trip once under way. Photos and Videos will hopefully be abundant.
    The current plan is to leave the south Side of Brisbane around mid May and return on or before the second week of June. We're planning on 2-3 weeks, will extend or shorten as we see fit.

    By the time all is said and done this trip will be in excess of 6,000Ks and will take around 2.5 weeks.

    The Cast:
    Data Queue, your host
    The Mysterious Wingman, along for the ride and the "Good" influence

    1. Destination, to see parts of Tasmania and the eastern part of Australia.
    2. Fun, by any means necessary.
    3. No Camping! 2.5-3 Star accommodation minimum. Bed, TV, Shower/Bath and clean. We have a few friends involved in putting us up for the night along the way.
    4. Trying to have no more than 450ks a day. There will be some exceptions.
    5. Trying to do some (as many as e can squeeze in) overtly touristy items.

    The Weapons of Choice:
    Data Queue - 2007 VFR800
    The Mysterious Wingman - 1963 [​IMG]Triumph Sprint RS 955i

    The Way Down.

    Day 1 & 2
    Mt Tamborine
    Nerang-Murwullimbah Rd
    Byron (for lunch at Rails)
    Coffs Harbour
    Nambucca Heads

    Waterfall Way to Armidale
    Thunderbolts Way to Walcha
    Oxley Way (and some righteous looking twisties) through to the Pacific

    Map: http://g.co/maps/nns6j

    Day 3:

    The Putty
    Western Sydney
    Map: http://g.co/maps/bxusx

    Day 4:

    Blue Mountains (Great Western Highway)
    Jenolan Caves
    O'Connell Rd through Oberon
    Federal Highway through to Canberrra.

    Map: http://g.co/maps/kzbu9

    Day 5:

    Bombala via Monaro highway
    Orbost via Bonang
    Nowa Nowa Via Princess Highway

    Map: http://g.co/maps/92hj3

    Day 6:

    Nowa Nowa to Glenrowan past Falls Creek

    Map: http://g.co/maps/pj39w

    Day 7:

    Glenrowan to the Port of Melbourne via Lake Eildon National Park
    Ferry to Devonport in the evening

    Map: http://g.co/maps/gkf2v


    Day 8:

    From Devonport to Strahan via Cradle Mountain

    Map: http://g.co/maps/f6qxq

    Day 9:

    From Strahan to Hobart via the A10

    Map: http://g.co/maps/at7tv

    Day 10:

    Hobart to Swansea with a visit to Port Arthur

    Map: http://g.co/maps/6qptj

    Day 11:

    Swansea to Launceston via St Marys

    Map: http://g.co/maps/e6aq7

    Day 12:

    Launceston to Devonport via Cradle Mountain and Ulverstone
    Catch the ferry back that night to Melbourne

    Map: http://g.co/maps/4djxf

    The Way Back.

    This will be a shorter route than the way down. There is still time to get in and see the sights or find a righteous road or two.

    Day 13:

    Day trip to Phillip Island and Stay somewhere in Carlton.
    The plan is to bum around Melbourne a bit and relax

    Day 14:

    Carlton to Albury
    The Mysterious Wingman has mad a request to stop here for the night.

    Map: http://g.co/maps/q3uwy

    Day 15:

    Albury to Sydney

    Map: http://g.co/maps/swj58

    Day 16:

    Sydney to Nambucca Heads
    Party with Wingman

    Map: http://g.co/maps/x3f5b

    Day 17:

    Nambucca Heads to Brisbane via Rails Cafe at Byron Bay

    Map: http://g.co/maps/3bjfm

  2. About us:

    Data Queue - 2007 Honda VFR800

    The Mysterious Wingman -1963 [​IMG] Triumph Sprint RS 955i

    Some say, he is incapable of looking at beige paint.
    And, that he narrates his life to himself in the third person.
    We just know him as "The Mysterious Wingman"
  3. Since Wingman already has panniers, top box and the sense to have been riding a good many more years that I have. His preparation is already mostly done.

    However, Since I didn't have all the Kit I ordered a pile of equipment from various sources.

    From Twisted Throttle in the USA:
    - SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Toprack
    - Givi V35 PLX Sidecases 35 liters
    - SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Sidecarrier for Givi V35 PLX cases
    - SW-Motech adapter plate
    - Coocase V37 Wizard topcase, Volt edition
    - SW-MOTECH Keyed Locking Quick-Lock Fasteners 2nd generation

    - Scalarider G4 Powerset (bluetooth headset goodness)
    - Tankbag big enough to fit my ipad on top to see through the clear cover (Ipad as GPS)

    Discount Camera Wharehouse:
    - GoPro Hero 2 to record the schenanigans

    + various other bits and pieces and thermals.

    I'm thinking heated Grips are to come.

    01/05 Fitted Panniers and top box.
    Set out to do it in a few hours at 6:30. Looked down when I was done and it was about midnight. I got it right, that's the main thing.

    Rear view, the Coocase lights work correctly (first go with me wiring) so miracles do happen. The get pretty bright with the brake on. The case is alarmed with remote unlock.

    Side View, The V35 side cases are actually a bit larger than I expected. A good thing. The seat is a gel seat, with a large piece of cut and contoured foam underneath. Nice and cushy!
  4. Reserved 3 - for future use (and I'm greedy)
  5. EDIT:

    just saw the dates: great alpine road may be snowy by then ... :(

    you owe it to yourself to do ...

    Bonang hwy 99KM of twisties (A-8)


    Great alpine RD (bruthen to C)

    falls creek

    whitfield rd.

    eildon jamieson rd

    reefton spur


    and/ OR...



    Icy creek rd



    Then there are all the awesome lesser known gippsland roads.
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  6. Thanks mate. Have incorporated some of the above. Still in the late planning stages.

    Hard to contain the excitement [​IMG]

    Am hoping that the snow is not bad enough to allow passage up past falls creek. We do have a Plan B though.
  7. Mid May is just a bit early for snow in the Highlands, So you should be right up there,

    They do have gates on these roads when the snow is falling and you cant get past, Roads Closed,
    Monaro Hwy is almost a Freeway, Bonang is the Fun Fun Fun road,
  8. Yes, Yes it is....


  9. Changed Day 5 to incorporate Bonang

  10. Dont let it put you off but there is a small amount of dirt along the top of the bonang rd.

    maybe 5KM ?

    I did it on a rainy day and it was still fine , it won't be a problem, and it may have been sealed by now .. (i did it a year ago.)
  11. If any part of your trip brings you near Wollongong at the end of the day you're welcome to call in :)
  12. Also ..

    in Tassie..

    the roads to ride...

    Lake Leake RD

    Strathgordon damn

    Lake Plimsol Rd

    derwent bridge to queenstown (including lake burbury (fast and fun) and into queenstown 99 corners in 5km !

    queenstown to strahan

    Reece dam and more..
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  13. Not doing the Old Pac between berowra and Kariong on day 15? Wont take that much longer than the F3.
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  14. Am now, cheers. [​IMG]
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  15. No Woolongong unfortunately. Once the wife gets her licence (July) we'll be taking a few days worth of trip to Sydney/Canberra and back. Maybe then.

    Happy to catch up with anyone here for a beer if we have time though. Although Wingman won't take the helmet off (even for photos apparently) so beer consumption may be difficult.
  16. So DQ - LIFO or LILO......only kidding :D

    Are you doing any "auxiliary rides" when based in central cities? EG you guys will be in Melbourne for a couple of days......is this just down time? Or are you using it as a base to complete day trips?
  17. Melbourne will be play it by ear. We're thinking of going to PI for a peek. Don't believe there is anything on, but always wanted to go for a look see.

    FIFO I was working on an app on an iSeries when I registered for the name, I couldn't think of anything better at the time. Sad... But true.
  18. Hahaha....bad luck.....

    But you know............there's an app for that :demon:
  19. Waste of time staying on the Pac hwy into Gosford and then hopping on the F3 at Ourimbah IMO. May as well hop on the F3 at Gosford IMO. Be warned, I reckon the F3 from the Central Coast to Newcastle is bloody boring (never been on it on a bike, only by car). My opinion of course!
  20. Slabbing it up the Hume on Day 13 will bore you to tears. Better to do the Whitfield run.