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The Great Anniversary - My Wife's first decent Bike Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Data Queue, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals.

    My 10th Wedding anniversary is coming up and my wife was a bit jealous of my Tassie Trip. That can be found here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=131252#.UHVjSRXMi8A

    She's only been riding around 3 months on her Baby Ninja that I bought on her birthday. She is very nervous and I want to plan a trip that caters to her skillset which is still on the Nub side.

    The Cast:
    Data Queue - Me
    NattyC - The Wife
    The Mysterious Wingman - Supporting Cameo

    The Weapons of Choice:
    2007 Kawasaki ZX-14 - DataQueue
    2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - NattyC
    1967 Triumph Sprint RS - The Mysterious Wingman

    The Aims:
    * Bring the lovely wife up to speed with long trips and she was begging me to take her on one after the Tassie trip I did earlier in the year. This trip is about her.
    * Catch up with Wingman
    * Test out the new ZX-14 on a medium sized trip with the lowered pegs and 1" risers before I do another multi week trip.

    ZX-14 - DataQueue

    DSLR to take much better photos this trip.
    V35 Panniers & SW-Motech removable luggage rack
    1" Adjustable Pegs (for lowering) - Linky
    1" Bar risers - Linky

    On Order:
    Givi 18l Tanklock bag

    Ninja 250 - NattyC

    Top Box from my old VFR fitted
    Soft Panniers - Oxford, my first Panniers (48l)

    To be Ordered:
    Seat cover, air rider or gel seat - Suggestions please
  2. The current plan is:

    Day 1:
    Brisbane to Macksville - Long and Boring bit
    Parking at Wingman's House

    Day 2:
    Macksville to Tamworth via Armidale and Dorego (Waterfall Way)
    Country Music Hall of Fame photos to be taken....... Since we're there (FYI We don't condone Country Music)

    Day 3:
    Tamworth to Port Macquarrie via some roads that I loved on my last trip (Oxley Way)

    Day 4:
    Port Macquarrie to Macksville - via Crescent Head,
    Dropping Wingman off at Home.

    Day 5:
    Macksville to the Gold Coast

    Day 6:
    Gold Coast to Mt Tamborine - Via the Cafe on Nerang-Murwullimbah Rd

    Day 7:
    Mt Tamborine - Home to Brisbane
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  4. I like the Motodry tank bag. Its been good to me for the 18 months I've had it. Magnetic.
  5. Ended up with a Givi Tanklock bag as I had issues with a previous magnet tank bag scratching the tank on my VFR (luckily was able to buff it out).
  6. Eh, i missed the whole 'start talking about tassie but then plan nsw/qld...' step, and have had to completely edit my response to the below:

    Ok, theres nothing too stressful in there. If she hasnt done any long rides yet shes going to have a sore ass from all that time in the saddle on a heavily vibrating 250 :p. Keep in mind a few regular stops which will add to the travel time. Another point is the oxley is a pretty full on road if you approach it that way, but if you are all taking a laid back relaxed approach it shouldnt hold too many surprises.

    I spent the bucks and went sw motech bags connection tank bag - sure the base ring looks a little fugly, but it is handy for keeping the entire tank bag up and off the tank itself.
    Otherwise the mods look fine. Just make sure you both have good rubber for both the long boring stuff and the fun stuff :p.
  7. So Day 2 of the Trip almost over.

    I'll post photos later but a short update of what's happened:
    * Wife dropped her bike (0kph) and not a scratch. Sometimes a bike just wants to lie down and nap. + 1 for oggy knobs.
    * Awesome run up to Dorego past all the waterfalls.

    What's happening tonight and tomorrow:
    * Going to Avenue Q tonight :D If your not sure look it up (The internet is really really great, for ......)
    * Going to the Motorcycle museum on Tamworth tomorrow. Can't wait!

    Photos and videos to come.
  8. Day 1 - Part 1.

    A very early start and NattyC getting ready to leave.

    A short ride later and we were on MT Tamborine.




    A quick stop on Nerang-Murwullimbah rd.

  9. Day 1 - Part 2

    A stop in Woodburn for lunch

    At Woodburn, we had lunch at the Rod'n'Reel. $55.00 for a 2 person hot and cold seafood platter and it as huge for the money. Definitely recommend stopping there if you are on the Pacific Highway.

    We saw a lot of bikes stopping for a rest.

    Post there it was a bit of a boring ride to Macksville.

    More photos and video to come.
  10. Day 2 - Part 1:

    The view from the front of Wingman's house.


    Stopping for Breakfast at Nambucca Heads.
    Awesome Eggs Benedict.



    Stopped for a few pictures on the way up the range into Dorego at Newell Falls. Awesome run up the range and NattyC got some good footage on her camera.


    Random bike rider passing us.



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    Day 2 - Part 2:

    Wingman stopped to help a random with a caravan (sorry no pics) t Newell falls whilst I took photos. It turns out no help was needed.


    A random rooster living at Newell falls.

    On the way out to Armidale and Tamworth, we found the rock that started it all (refer to my tassie trip). I think this was the rock that started me being a photo nerd.

    - the previous iPhone pic turned out more epic due to the lighting.
    FYI it's at Limerick creek.



    We stopped again at Whitebull in Armidale for lunch (good food and service). The road from Armidale to Tamworth was a fun touring road.

    We stopped at the Ritz for dinner (bit pricey but awesome food!) and then took in a bit of Theatre. Wingman loved avenue Q and it was the first time he'd seen it. We stayed at Roseville apartments. Ok for the money (the couches were damn hard!)

    Coming Day 3 and the Powerhouse motorcycle museum pics.
  12. Day 3 - Part 1 - Breakfast and the Powerhouse museum.

    So for breakfast after checking out we found the Black Forest Cafe. If you are in Tamworth, simply go there. The food was awesome and reasonably priced.

    The Powerhouse motorcycle museum was simply awesome. It's a private collection, and I could have stayed there all day, or given any of those bikes a good home.


    These photos have a very basic PP and I'll have to retouch them later.



    Modern sex on wheels. MV Augusta F4.




    A Triumph with a tire pump on the side




    There are plenty more pictures. I'll likely post some more later.

    to come:
    - Aspley falls.
    - NattyC drying off.
    - Me beind very proud of her for completing Oxley Way via Walcha in some very heavy rain in parts. She's had her license for 3-4 months.
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    Day 3 Part 2 - Walcha and Aspley Falls.

    Stopped in Walcha to pick up lunch - Sandwiches. 8153483374_630ea82619_b.



    A note about the public urinal here. There is a large section of brick missing in the mens public toilet. It is about waist height and fronts onto the park and street. I didn't notice it until after I had gone, and luckily there was no-one in sight. May or may not be an issue for anyone else, looking at the public exhibitionists, with this one.

    Aspley falls is a very nice place to stop, In short, if you are going past stop here! The views are great and there is good places to stop for a bite to eat. Wingman had a small (maybe medium) whinge as the roll on his sandwich was stale, mine wasn't as I had chosen the wholemeal.






    Unfortunately from herein it started raining on and off.
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    Day 3 - Part 3 Oxley Way

    A quick stop at Enfield State forest entrance for NattyC to put her jacket liner in and change to her warm gloves.



    From here on the rain only got heavier down the range. NattyC had to stop and pull her boots off to drain them. After a quick change of socks, we were off again. The sun came out for 5 minutes so it was a good opportunity.


    After this we came across a truck coming up the range. I found him mid corner on my side of the road. A sphincter tightener but I got around him and warned the others. 2 corners on, he still came around in front of Wingman. I understand physics and trucks and turning circles, however, on these corners, there was no need for how wide this douche was, other than he was carrying too much speed.

    Hopefully I can get the video off NattyC's camera later.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to again congratulate my lovely wife. Not only has she only had her license for 3-4 months (car for 18 odd months), she navigated a road like Oxley way with all the twisty bits successfully and without fuss - In mostly driving rain.

    Stopping n Port Macquarrie, we found a nice apartment (can;t remember the name). The Tacking point tavern had nice meals, however, the drinks were a bit expensive.
  15. Day 4 - Nothing eventful.

    I have no photos or stories for this day. Was a straight Schlep up the highway to Macksville and Wingman's house.

    More to come later...
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