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The Great Alpine Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by SV Boxer, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. :D Hello everyone at Netrider.

    I'm Matt, new 2 this site so I don't know anyone yet. I figured a good ice breaker would b 2 tell u about the best road I've ever riden.

    The GREAT ALPINE ROAD between Bruthen and Wangaratta. What more can I say..... Stunning scenery, constant twists & bends with the occasional hairpin and it really tests those riding skills. Also has minimal Police prescence (in comparison 2 the Mornington Peninsula anyway).

    A pure rush from Bruthen to Stony Creek, once u c that "high risk area" sign u know you're in 4 a good time!!!! :twisted:

    Even in summer the air gets pretty cool at Mt.Hotham but as soon as u make the decent from Hotham 2 Bright it gets bloody hot again. The decent is one challenging ride which will make even the most confident of riders nervous. Steep, tight turns with little or no warning of what is around the next corner, and if u overshoot a corner u will either eat tree or have a very long drop!!!

    Without doubt the best Road I've been on, not even the mighty Black Spur can compare 2 it.

  2. Welcome SV Boxer :)

    Totally agree ... ~250km of pure bliss. I liken it to our own piece of Tasmania :) Even has it's own website, here

    Can also highly recommend one of our partners - Trapdoor Ski Lodge - for some terrific and very cheap accomodation on top Mt. Hotham for those summer w/end (or longer) trips :)
  3. Yeah, I've heard a lot of people say this road is good. I want to try this on a weekend ride in mid to late spring.
  4. TOTALLY agree. It's a most glorious piece of road. Just watch out for those closing radius corners, they can get your attention pretty quickly. And keep your eyes on the road and not on the scenery. If you want to watch the scenery, stop the bike and get off!!!
  5. The time I went on the Great Alpine Road was during summer when it's stinking hot at sea level and icy in the air at Hotham.

    There's NOOOOO way I'd b attempting that ride during winter with the black ice and all :oops: I'm no way near good enough a rider to b attempting that.

    A piece of advice to anyone going on the Alpine Road:- if u decide to take a break at Dinner Plain, b sure to have heaps of aeroguard. More flies there than anywhere else in the world.

    During my trip I saw probably 2 police cars, both Landcruisers outside of Bright. And there was one speed camera about 7km north of Bright, didn't matter because we were on the opposite side of the road anyway.
  6. Yep, nice bit of technical riding.

    Watch out for the carvans and the trucks tho. They cut corners along the river.

    Alternatives/additions include Cassilis into Omeo, and Omeo to Anglers Rest and back (or onto Falls in summer if you have an all-rounder).
  7. Fantastic road! When I rode it it was absolutely freezing, foggy and two members of the group were nearly wiped out by a wild brumby. Loved every second :twisted:

    I would happily go back in an instant (might wait until warmer weather though)

    :D :D :D
  9. This leads into another awesome rd.
    If your doing the Great Alpine Road from Omeo turn right at the sign for Mt Beauty. This is called the Tawonga Gap. This road is awesome and would be as tight if not tighter than the Reefton Spur. Lots of fast straights with heavy braking into switch back corners and hairpins. This is one road to ride hard. Very tight and twisty, just awesome, I can't say anything else about it just fantastic. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

  10. It's located just out of Bright at a place called German Creek. Great road except at 7am in winter :shock: watch for the black ice, especially at this time of the year, on all those roads up there.
  11. Also try Mt Beauty to Falls ck ... one of the best there is, but not at this time of year!