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The Great Alpine Road in 2 Days?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by reeza, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls,

    Doesn’t matter which way I look at it I can’t work out a way to do “The Great Alpine Road” in 2 (and a bit) days.

    Leaving from Tullamarine late Friday afternoon about 3pm to get home Sunday, while trying to avoid as much of the Hume and with out pushing more then about 300 to 400ks a days so I can enjoy the ride.

    This will be my first opportunity to get out for a small tour and I’ve always wanted to do the GAR, am I pushing it in the time frame I have?

    Any other suggestions for a nice 2 day tour?


  2. 300 to 400ks in a day is an easy and enjoyable ride, so yeah work out which way you want to go and go for it :)

    There is a few older NR's around still, Duhast for one that can tell you storys of the 1st run we took him on to Halls Gap, back when he was on his little 2fiddy......... we changed the route and it turned into a 740k day trip, ask him about 'saddle soreness' !

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. 2 days definitely is an ample of time and will be a relaxing one. Maybe worth overnight at hotham or surrounding area.

    But it should still be snowing this time of the year
  4. Thanks Guys,

    Hope this link works. http://tinyurl.com/jkwnp

    This is what I was thinking about doing, seems easy for the K's but not sure if its even right, I've never even done it in the car.

    I just don't want to push to far on the Friday with peak hour.

    Thinking about going some time next month, should be nice weather.

    Yeah might stop around Omeo or Hotham on the Saturday night and somewhere a little closer on the Friday, but then it would be a big push on the Sunday.

    Not sure if I could make Omeo or Hotham on the Friday night.


  5. Yep, I've done that run twice, I loved it so much the first time.


    I stopped the night at Mansfield, then again at Hotham.

    Asgaard or Trapdoor lodges are recommended for an overnight stay up there, if youre considering this then make a booking ahead of time. They may still be on winter pricing in a month but you gotta sleep somewhere I guess.

    The timeframe you mentioned fits very well with the pace I set last time - maybe skip the 1.5 hour lunch at the glorious In-Neutral pub in Marysville (or not :grin: ), but Mansfield makes a great place to stop over, where you can get a pub dinner and cheap acommodation at the local backpackers.

    Why don't you consider putting up a post and inviting some people along? I reckon I'd be up for a trip like that and would enjoy doing it with company.

    .. and yeah, the Bairnsdale-Melbourne leg does get pretty long and boring.. I just got stuck into it and consoled myself it was an worthwhile price to pay for having experienced the rest of the trip.

    One more thing - it might not seem that way on the map, but Omeo-Bairnsdale is a fascinating ride along one wall of a gorge, then through forest.
  6. If you did Mansfield for Friday night you'd get there around 6ish, I reckon. Leaving say 10am the next morning, you'd get to Bright via Whitfield in time for lunch. Then from there to Omeo you're about an hour and a half away if you take it easy. Or, you can perhaps go for a trundle to Beechworth, Yackandandah and back to Hotham via Tawonga, etc. That would get you to Omeo late arvo.

    Sunday, Omeo to Bairnsdale is about 90 mins. or so. Bairnsdale to MEL via Lindenow or perhaps Bengwarden, Maffra, Heyfield, Glengarry, Tyers, Yallourn North, Tangil Sth, Hill End, Icy Creek, Noojee, Powelltown, Yarra Junction, into Lilydale and then onto the nearest freeway would see you home late arvo.

    When we do this run, it's usually a two day event. We meet the Melbourne boys at Yarra Junction around 9ish. We're usually in Bright mid-late arvo after a nice relaxing lunch in the Whitfield pub.

    We leave Bright Sunday morning, then head to Hotham for a wake-me-up, around 10ish. This gets us into Bairnsdale around lunchtime. I'm usually home around 2-3pm, while it's common for the Melbourne lads to get home around 4-5pm.

    This year, we're doing a 3 day run. Leaving the Latrobe Valley Friday morning around 8am, to Yarra J, then to Beechworth for lunch. From there to Tintaldra for the night.

    Next day, back to Bright via Tumut, Snowy Mountains, etc. back to Corryong for lunch. From there to Tawanga Sth to meet up with the lads who are coming up Saturday, for a beer, then into Bright for the night. Sunday, home via Hotham, Omeo, East Gippsland, etc, as mentioned above.
  7. Thanks for the replies and sorry for the late reply, I stopped getting email notifications ?

    Loved the photos maestro, I can't wait to go now. I've been waiting such a long time to go on a little tour and with my brother should be some good bonding time and might be the first and last time we get a chance to do this together unfortunately.

    You guys have given me some great tips and ideas. I should have a final plain some time next week, you have given me something to work with now.

    My current idea at the moment is that, I have now decided to leave Friday morning not afternoon, heading to either Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance (not to much up the road, might be a little nicer to stay)

    Saturday morning to Beechworth (best bakery and lollies shop)

    Sunday morning home via Eildon (not sure how big or long a ride home from Beechworth this will be yet)

    I think this should space out the ride a little more.


  8. beechworth to home, or to Melbourne at least, is probably not much more than 4 hrs or so. We can do Yarra Junction to Beechworth in around 4hrs.
  9. Cheers mjt57, then that should be a nice easy ride home then.
  10. It Is a great trip reeza. I love it up through there.

    I stayed at Mt Buffalo lodge on my last 2 day trip up that way. The road up to the lodge is truly spectacular (views and twisty bits). If you stay at Mt Buffalo you can do Hotham the next day nice and fresh......mmmm so when did you say you were going???? :LOL:
  11. Hey Reeza, keep us informed on the date, looks like a ride i'd like to do might tag along if thats Ok pending on what date your going
  12. Sorry guys, this ones a family trip, but with this kind of interest I'm sure with the holiday season coming up, be more then happy to organize an other one. That's if people are still interested, didn't know it would be such a popular ride never have done it myself.

    Thanks for the replies so far, and I hope you can understand this time round.