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The Grand Prix of oil/filter changes for the GS500F

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by wedge, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Well its been a damn stressful couple of days, got a new job and have to move to queanbeyan so i've been busliy organising a place to live and some moving arrangments during the holidays.
    So come Thursday i want to ride down and meet and greet some new colleagues and see the place i'm about to rent. Kind of a big ride and my bike was due for an oil/filter change, so that was on the to do list. Decided i could fit it in on Tuesday arvo before going to my girlfriends, familys xmas party, starting at 5:00pm........so after work shot straight out to the bike shop to grab new oil, new oil filter, oil drain pan and funnel (damn handy to refill with :wink: )
    Got home and got stuck into it about 3:30pm, now because this is my first time (changing oil on a bike :p ) It was going to be learning through practice....so undid the drain bolt, drained the oil into the pan without losing the nut into the pan full of oil, yes 1 point to me. All good, but soon discovered that to change the oil filter i had to remove the fairing (only from one side) all good except for the pain in the ass pins that hold the the laps together, but succeded nonetheless.
    Break: Girlfriend calls how long am i going to be, doesn't sound happy about my ETA. Time: 4:10pm
    Kick it into second gear and remove filter casing, all good (needed the change), install new one fit plate back in place. All good.
    Fairing back on, further struggles with the plastic pins but i win the battle and now know everyting that can possibly go wrong with reattaching my fairing.
    Oil refill just below the recommended amount, warm bike up, top with oil to the correct amount, beautiful all done, Time: 4:20pm.
    Quick clean up, shower, clothes oraganised for the next day, and out the door by 4:35pm (like only a man could do :wink: )
    At her place by 4:45pm and on time, couldn't do any better than that.
    5:05pm - First beer of the night :grin:

  2. A quick "It's ok, I'll just ride way faster than normal to make up the time" usually switches their unhappiness over to "Take your time, be careful. I love you" :grin:
  3. Ktulu wrote:
    And it works :wink:
  4. Just get the girlfriend to do it. Can't complain then.

    What is the ETA for Canberra Wedge?
  5. I thought this was going to be a funny story where you forgot something.
    I forgot the sump plug once when chainging oil for my Mazda 929.

    Put new oil in, wait, start car, get out, step in nice shinny puddle of castrol magnatec, WTF!!!
  6. love your work wedge.

    geez the canberra contingent is gaining momentum..... :)
  7. kinda reminds me of the story where a guy done a oil change on his car poured a bottle of oil down the throat checked the oil level n there was nothing there poured another bottle down n still nothing then he rrealized when he walked around the bcak of the car 2 a stream of oil... dont ask me what he was doing changing the oil on a slope
  8. queanbeyan hey if ur ever up for a ride give us a msg in here n we'll organise something being a qbn lad myself with a gs
  9. ETA for Queanbeyan is Jan 27th, then start work on the 29th, but i'll be available nearly every weekend. Any rides sound good, it'd be helpful to get to know the area.
  10. yeah we have some nice rides around been close 2 the snowies and coast only boring part is getting there on police frquented raods but the twisties r well worth it if ur in 2 it plus thecotter loop which is always good for a quick fang around
  11. the clyde, the clyde, you MUST ride the CLYDE!!
  12. Righto Joel, i'll get to the clyde, is it closer to you in Mogo (which looks like a very nice place, might have to drop in one day) or is it closer to Queanbeyan.
  13. The Clyde is how you get to Mojo from Queanbeyan. Only road to the coast suitable for road bikes for 100kms each side of it. Best ridden before 9am on a weekend, or in the opposite direction to the traffic.
    The Clyde WILL highlight any shortcomings your bike's suspension has, and any shortcomings you have as a person! :tantrum:
    There's this one bump, mid corner on the way back, it almost sent my GTR airborne, and that's a 270kg bike with supple suspension and a hefty rider! Scratch one pair of jeans. :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. ....aint that the truth andrew!!!!!

    the clyde is what we use as a guage when buying any vehicle be ot 4 or 2 wheels.
    to use an old saying, it "sorts the men out from the boys" with off camber, closing apex corners, followed by texture changes in the road surface, and various bumps etc to try and solve the issue that is water travelling between the road and sub-base.

    its a hoot to ride, but you can get in trouble real quick if you over-step your ability.

    i, myself, love the clyde, but do it on an almost daily basis. it is twistier than any spur you can think of, with sheer drops on the sides, and enough lunatics driving it to scare off the keenest rider. but we still do it.

    if you happen to go through mogo, 30A on the main drag is where you will find me ;)
  15. Sounds like fun, changing road surfaces, closing apexes, reminds me of my ride on thursday along the Old Pacific Hwy. But i love it, i like the closing apex corners, as long as you dont go to hard into them your fine to lean over harder and make the last section.
    You'll have to show me the ropes ay! Thanks for the heads up anyway, might have to soften my suspension for that one :wink:
  16. only place i really have any issues with there is the 3 laner as u come out of nelligen towrds the mountain, i love going thru there, until ur scraping ur knees around the corner n next think the traffic is banked up...

    the brown aint 2 bad going down but terrible road surface going back up...

    might have 2 stop in n say gday next time i head down there joel... hahaha but then again who uis home on a sunday lol
  17. the brown is actually quite good now, we did a large section of 10mmACH there to correct the shit that was there prior. it was done just before xmas and i have been over it 6 times since, its even twistier than the clyde but IMO a little more forgiving.

    before the resurfacing though, it was very, very bad.

    drop in anytime, i accept all sorts :LOL:
  18. all sorts? lol

    what was the surface like on the way back up the brown?