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The Grand Australian Roadtrip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by motoGrapher, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Hello once again! Some of you might remember me from 2010. I used to frequent here a little bit. Here is a little refresher: https://netrider.net.au/threads/my-motorcycle-diaries.106593/

    From 22nd April I started on a 23000 kms ride around Australia. I keep bumping into riders who say they are from NR and another forum, and hence I decided to post up here a few times so you know its me on the road if we cross paths! Here are a couple of photos to start with. I am doing this for my magazine back in India (xBhp), but who the hell wouldnt want to do it anyways...


    And thats my number plate:


    I am making a short video documentary and as usual clicking photos.
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  2. Awesome, im assuming they are paying you for this? in which case you might have the best job in the world.
  3. Yes, it is sponsored. Though the life's still on the line! :D
  4. that second photo wouldn't be in Lithgow would it?
  5. Thank you everyone. Some more photos and updates. Have done 4200 kms so far. Currently in Mt Isa. Heading towards Uluru tomorrow.

    Found a lot of these on the road:


    and a few of these:


    Caught this quickie just before entering Mt ISa yesterday after a 800 kms ride:


    On the way to Rockhampton


    This is how I shoot myself sometimes:


    One of the coolest things I saw, a Batman roadtrain!

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  6. No, thats Tweed Heads.
  7. Unless I'm missing something I can,t see your progress around Australia on the NZ link you provided. Is your progress in Australia posted elsewhere than here?
  8. Apologies. Thats my default old signature. I will update it.
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  9. I thought it looked familiar "Best Western, Kennedy Drive". About 20 km from where I'm at and stayed there about 20 yrs ago before moving up this way.
  10. Looks almost the same where i stayed in Lithgow. But i suppose a lot of motor inns are carbon copies of each other.

    That stand you use, is it one of those gorilla grip tripods. I used to have a similar but much smaller one. I found it a bit tedious to setup. Seeing your pics now i might have to pull it out and start using it again. I can only hope mine turn out half as good.
    Your photos are great.
  11. @Benny: This one is the DSLR Gorilla Pod. In fact I am carrying a full fledged heavy duty Manfrotto tripod with me but I found that it is a lot more convenient to just take the GorillaPod out, thoiugh it does not provide the height. However if you can find vantage points to wrap it around with then you have yourself a great thing going on.

    More pics:

    From Dawn to Dusk. A frame extract from a self video today at sunset just before Tennant Creek. The camera here also was atop the gorillapod


    No Fuel. In the middle of Barkly Homestead and Camoweeal.
  12. Fantastic - these Images are great........

    Looking forward to reading your article once you've completed the ride.......I'll definitely keep looking at this thread from time to time for updates.
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  13. Those photos are amazing! Can't wait to see more :)
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  14. [​IMG]

    Gods Must be Crazy! At Aileron, before Alice Springs.


    I wish I could dress up like MadMax and ride a rusted bike this!

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  15. When you get to Alice Springs, the Heritage Caravan park on the south side of the Gap is the best place to stay. Pity you headed south. If you'd come north to Darwin we could have arranged a few local bikes to show you the sites
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  16. I am coming to Darwin! I will be reaching there on 14th May from Katherine. We can probably hook up on early 15th Morning if that OK with you. I am making a small video documentary as well and I would like to get 'bytes' of some local riders there as well!
  17. The boys are usually easy to round up on weekend, but the odd night ride goes down well. I'll put it up on the local forum and see what interest.
  18. Yea. For Sure. Dont sweat on it too much mate. I can understand. And I see you own a K1600GT, I rode one (the GTL) from LA to NY in 2011, humungous!:

  19. Came across the blog a few days ago and have been following it ever since and saw your post on NR too.

    I've spent a few hours admiring all the photos from all your trips so just wanted to say - WOW!

    I'm from Melbourne so if you have time when you're here - would love to catch up for a coffee. (I'd also sent you a message via http://thegrandaustralianroadtrip.com/contact-motographer/ BUT unsure if you got it. Firewall at my work place might have something to do with it).

    Ride safe. Stay Warm (Melbourne is freezing at the moment). :)
  20. Nice pics mate, enjoy your ride, look forward to the story one day.