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The Grampians - some advice from those who know

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by the wizza of oz, May 18, 2008.

  1. g'day.

    i'm in the process of planning my ride down to the MotoGP again this year (some of you may say it is a bit early, but i need to have it sorted soon so I can organise leave) and am considering heading out to the Grampians this time around. I have ridden the G O R several times but have never made it that far west.

    So, i'm asking some of you vics, and perhaps south aussies who have knowledge of the roads and terrain about the ideal route through the park and the sites to see. Ive heard it is absolutely beaut and would love to experience it.

    Is the ideal route through the park North to south? or the other direction? what roads should i ride?? which towns (horsham? stawell? other?) should i consider staying overnight.

    the more info the better.

  2. Best road is betwwen Halls Gap & Horsham. Just about everything worth seeing is on that road. If it were me I'd be staying overnight at Halls Gap.
  3. Yep the best bit of twisty stuff is between Halls Gap and Horsham, though once you're out of the park it's best to turn off onto Roses Gap road and take that through to the Western Highway. It's not as twisty as the stuff through the park but it's a nice wide road with minimal trafffic and enough corners to be interesting.
    Another nice road is the one South out of Halls Gap to Dunkeld. Not particularly twisty but again it's got enough corners to still be interesting and some great scenery along the way especially if you go through Victoria Valley (which can be used as a loop to double back to Halls Gap).
    Personally I wouldn't bother staying in Halls Gap itself, it's stupidly overpriced especially during the busy times when the weather is good. Much better off staying in Stawell (I lived in the caravan park on the highway there for 3 months and can definitely recommend it), or Horsham. If you're travelling with others there's a good spot at Dadswells Bridge that does cabins. Ararat is also an option, the road from Halls Gap to there through Moyston and Pomonal is also interesting - fun can be had there riding up one tree hill which is a road frequently used for hill climb events (very steep and very tight bends).
  4. I'd also recommend riding up to the Mt William lookout carpark. Then stretch your legs and take a stroll up to the top. Just watch out for the sloping car park, :oops:
    The road from Horsham to Haps Gap is the go, and if you go south to Dunkeld, it's only a "hop, step and a jump" to the GOR.
  5. I was in the Grampians before going to WSBK this year. I stayed at YHA in Halls Gap. Ok accomobation and friendly. There are some great roads and sights, take a few days and do them all, well worth the trip!
  6. once again, this forum comes through with some great info and recommendations.

    if folks can add any more, please do........in particular, re a route back to mansfield from the grampians via the goldfields. the pyrenees hwy perhaps? or are there other roads in the region better off on the moto?

    thanks and much appreciated.
  7. Funny you should ask, I've actually contemplated doing a ride through to Mansfield so already have a route sort of planned.
    I'd definitely choose the Pyrenees over the Western Highway since the Western is about as boring as a road could possibly get (flat, straight and heavily policed).
    If time's not an issue I'd probably take the Pyrenees through to Avoca, then cut south down to Lexton and across east to Talbot. I'd then go down through Clunes/Creswick then across to Newlyn and then Daylesford. From there I'd go through to Trentham to Woodend, then onto Broadford through Rochford and Kilmore (passing hanging rock along the way).
    From there the road through Strath Creek/Flowerdale/Yea to Killingworth looks interesting. I'd then probably just follow the Goulburn Valley and Maroondah Highways through to Mansfield but I don't know the area past Broadford very well so others might be able to suggest alternatives.
  8. Another option around Gariwerd- Grampians is the holiday park at Mount Zero (Northern end of the range towards Horsham). A little bit out of the way, but well run with decent, spacious cabins, although you'll have to travel a bit for eats if you don't bring your own (Pub at Dadswell Bridge is not too far).
    The rock climbing in this area is spectacular (you can book an easy beginners session if you haven't done it before), and there are several excellent walks around Hollow Mountain and Mt Stapylton.
    The road through the middle of the park to Halls Gap is spectacular, but unforgiving if you bugger up a corner. Take care.
    +1 for Pyrenees Hwy over the Western, but I'd go Castlemaine, Woodend, Lancefield, Tooboorac, Seymour, Yea to Mansfield.