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The government unemployment process....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. So, I have paid taxes for 18 years, and have never gotten a handout from the government. I was sacked 4 weeks ago, and I stil have not seen any unemployment benefits, I haven't even had an interview as yet, they are apparently "busy". I am still unsure what I will get, as I am a "wealthy capitalist" who has worked and actually has a mortgage.
    Some poor old bloke(obviously on an aged pension) at Centrelink the other day was getting grilled about the value of his house, they were even asking him how much his bloody carpet was worth?!?!!? The old guy can't help it if his house has gone up in value in the 40 years he has owned it, hel he is probably deferring his council rates as well.
    Teh new jobseeker thing is a joke, I have had more luck just cold canvassing businesses. The people at teh job centres just treat you like another annoying problem, "get a labouring job". Sure, I'll do that, you want to visit me in a skin cancer clinic?
    The jobs on the website are all part time/casual crap, that only last 4 weeks at teh most at a time. The ones that are full time jobs read like "factory hand, award wages" no problems there right? Then they go on, "must have truck drivers licence and forklift licence". That burns me up. They want a truck driver, but want to pay minimum wage instead of truck driver's wage?
    I sort of understand why some people refuse jobs at interviews, especially if they are unskiled.
    The system merely gets you into casual, minimum wage, unsecure work, and then takes forever to reinstate your unemployment benefits when you finish your 4 weeks temp work. I can see how some would think why go off the dole in the first place? And the best bit is, when you have that temp work, you lose access to teh job network, so you can't look for your replacement casual job whilst working the other casual job?!?!?!?
    Silly system really. It's only set up for people with absolutely no skills at all, and the retraining doesn't seem to kick in terribly soon after you are sacked.
    Sorry about the rant, the system is NOT geared into getting people into long term work, it's just a treadmill, worthless. So they can say they are doing something.

    Regards, Andrew
  2. I used to work for Centrelink, and I can most assuredly confirm all your suspicions that the system is fcuked. No two ways about it.
  3. Andrew, I had exactly the same run-around in my recent 'between jobs' scenario. I actually went to the inteviews (all three of them), fillled out all the paperwork, and received my first paperwork for me to claim benefit. When I went to the C-L office to make the claim, I was asked to declare my wife's income.

    She's a casual teacher; sometimes she works, sometimes she doesn't. And when she DOES work, and get paid, it's around 4 weeks AFTER the days worked.

    I couldn't tell the idiot behind the counter (as if it's not humiliating enough having to be there in the first place) what her income was, and was rudely told, in a voice loud enough for everyone in the office to hear, "Then we're not going to pay you a benefit; NEXT".

    But then I've only been paying taxes since 1968, so maybe I hadn't contributed enough yet.......
  4. That's right Paul, you capitalist!
    I love riding through Bolton point, loking at all the housing commission houses, with less than 3 year old cars parked in front of every one of them, and many with boats in teh yards, and I wonder why I bother!
    Seems to me I should just lie like all of them and work a good casual job whilst getting benefits too.
    I heard one guy complaining to his mate up here, about only being paid $10/hr for removals work. That sucks I thought....then later found out he was on teh dole as well! He would have been earning more than I was as a tradesman, and yet he has the nerve to biatch?
    I sure as hell know if I was doing the dodgey and working whilst on teh dole, I would be keeping my mouth shut!
    And thanks for confirming what I thought, I won't get a cent out of them...back to 2 minute noodles for me! Funny how unemployed bogans can afford alcohol and take away every night!
    I might be moving south sooner than anticipated! It's time to start my own business.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Plenty of boats on the South Coast, mate.....
  6. Wow...just had a phone interview with Missinglink...seems I am an asset rich capitalist pig!
    They even asked the value of my household goods, and if I had life insurance I could cash in! Like I would do that if I had it?!?!?!
    I can just see it, "you must sell your fridge to make your mortgage payments!"


    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Yeah last time I was out of work I went to sign up with these guys for the first time.

    I gave up. Found work first. I reckon if you're clever enough to work out how to get money out of these f*ckers you're clever enough to find an easier way to get paid.
  8. Hmm thought you had to be dead before you can cash in on life insurance, after all isnt that the point?

    As for centre link oh yeah well, dont get me started. Dont have to deal with them the same way as you, but this FAS department side of it :twisted: Im sure theres others here who can relate.

    Dont you just love how they have so many different versions on asking the same bloody question?

  9. As best I could tell last year, was they just try to make it so hard to get any help from them that you just end up getting a crappy low paid shiftwork job !!

    And while Im having a winge, I was forced to sign up for some crappy 'job search training'. We were ment to be there 9-5 for 3 weeks, but at 11am every day, they just asked us to sign off that we had been there all day and then we could take off. I went back one arvo to use their PC and found that at 1 pm, they had another group come in and told them to sign off that they had been there all day !!!!

    The gov pays $3k per person per course, no wonder Sarina Russo is the most successfull job search agency !!!
  10. i still remember them hassling me when i was 7 months pregnant to find a job, finally went in and flash my belly at the lady and said, what chances do i have of getting a job right now.. case closed they left me alone after that..

    now im a sole parent working part-time and after decaring my income im only a litlle better of, i have less time with my daughter and far more tired.. yes i get tax back at the end of the year, and ive managed to keep my concession card but for how long....
    but the benifit is im not relying on anyone else to give me money, if i dont get paid i have no one to blame but myself, and i dont need to fight centrstink for it...

    its crappy that you arent getting what you deserve i was under the impression that only if you quit that you had to wait to get on benifits.. have you actually gone in and spoke to them? or rang..
  11. as a youth worker i deal with centrelink on a daily basis...
    everyday i am shocked as to how bad young peope and people in general are dealt with.

  12. My mum was a single parent, it's bloody difficult if you actually work!
    All I can say is, plug away, do whatever courses you can afford/have time to do to make yourself more valuable and try and move up the employment chain. Worked for mum eventually! Mind you, she's now unemployed again at 60, and unlikely to ever work again.
    Fortunately for her, she was lucky enough to get an insurance payout when the old man died, and it set her up in a (at the time) cheap little house they were paying off.
    Even more fortunately, that house is in Balmain now, and is her retirement fund.
    So, it usually works out in teh end, just a bloody long hard trip!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. You are all spot on, the system hasn't changed in 25 years! The same issues were around when I left school early and tried getting a job.

    All I can say is that you need to cold call businesses, look on the net etc I have heard but tend to believe that up to 80% of jobs are not advertised.

    Chin up mate
  14. centerlink is retarded; i love going in and seeing their huuuuge offices with 20 or so desks and only 5 people at work at any one time, and two of them are on lunch breaks.

    Hey give me a job at centerlink... it would be like being a dominatrix only id get paid less :(
  15. Just wait til you start claiming the old age pension (next week isn't Paul :p ), my parents are for ever filling out CL forms.
  16. Job statisfaction is worth just a much as the pay !!!
  17. I think Id rather just be a dominatrix.

    Wonder if they advertise those jobs on the jobseacher website?
  18. At least you could claim a set of leathers off your tax every year :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Awsome Idea !!!

    I can see es now - "Yes mr costello, I use the bike for work and the lethers when Im whipping people !!!, now have you been a good boy ??" :grin: :grin:
  20. You know, when I start my own business, and start riding teh bike to do quotes etc, I wil be able to claim back my bike gear and bike running costs! Wow, cool!

    Regards, Andrew.