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the GOR today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wokstar, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. So last night we planed a ride to the GOR with plans to head off at 8:00. So this morning i get a phone call at 7.00am and im thinking OMG theres still an hour and they're waking me up already!!! Well it wasnt my mates it was a female cop, which went something like:

    Coppa: "goodmorning, im constable dowler, do you happen to own a dog"
    ME: "arrr yeah - brown and white huskie?"
    Coppa "yes we have her here at Richmond station"
    Me:"Hang on i just saw her at 1am"
    Coppa"yeah she caught a train and now shes at richmond station"
    Me: "oh, ok well ill come get her"

    Ok I live in chadstone and the closest train station is 1 1/2kms away. Still trying to figure out how she jumped on a train.

    So after that we're heading down the GOR, fantastic of course... the trip back well my ass is killing! I dont think ive sitten on a straight road for that long.
    Headed out from lorne after lunch did about 50ks when i thought id stop to have a look at the scenery and for a smoke.

    So i hop off and open the rear luggage compartment, thats when i said "fk me dead, my rear seats fallen off" like our mayor john so would say "on ya bike" im back tracking when every car i pass flashes their lights, cops???? Well about a kms away hanging of the bike through a corner i realise theres a line of cars parked and people standing around.
    I immediately thought "OMG hope its not that group of bikes i passed" unfortunately it was one of the blokes. Not exactly sure if he ran wide or the 4WD cut a corner but the bike wasnt looking its best.. a flat exhaust was lying across the road and the paramedics were working on him. I gave my bests and headed off home.

    Hope he made it and all the best to his family. Oh i did find my seat lying in the middle of the road in one piece.
  2. Unfortunately no :(

    Herald-Sun story

    RIP Brother.

    Motorist dies on Great Ocean Road


    A MOTORCYCLIST has died in a collision with a utility at a bend on Victoria's Great Ocean Road.

    The 20-year-old, of the Melbourne suburb of Sunbury, died when his motorcycle and a utility clipped on a bend at Cumberland River, near Lorne, about 2.15pm (AEDT) today.

    The utility driver, a man in his 30s, and a passenger, 30, suffered minor injuries. The motorcyclist died at the scene.

    Local police are investigating the collision and will prepare a report for the coroner. The death took Victoria's road toll to 77, 20 fewer than at the same time last year.
  3. geez, too many deaths.. Too sad.. :cry:
  4. Did they fine you for not having a valid metcard?

    Hope you found your seat.

    RIP to the Other rider. Another weekend of a few riders down.

  5. My mate had a "dulux" dog (whatever breed that is) that lives in Montmorency. The dog used to be petrified of thunder. Each time he would get out and go to the station and catch a train to Richmond.

    We got to his place one night after shooting a wedding and there was Beu with his head jammed under the front gate. He under estimated his size :(
  6. Thanks Vic, yeah they had the road blocked of for a while and they were trying their best...

    RIP to the rider. Also to his 2 mates with him, must be hard for them as well seeing that.
  7. Well.................

    Got a call today from a mate, it was one of those fcuken calls!!!!!!

    It just so happens that I knew the rider.

    I spent 2 days with the bloke a month ago, spoke to him only last week and now this..............

    fcuk it!!!!

    RIP Jarrod :(
  8. I know how you feel.

    I've got a funeral in Wangaratta tomorrow morning for a friend and that's the 2nd one in 3 weeks, mind you both were medical probs but I've still lost two friends that I've known for 20 years.

    Makes you think about your own mortality at times.

    RIP Thommo & Donnie.
  9. it is not a nice feeling passing someone on the GOR that is getting CPR.. I have done it twice now (I didnt stop as there was no point and traffic was back up for miles in both lanes).. both times the rider never made it..
  10. He was one of my mates.
    His service was at Calder Park Chapel yesterday afternoon. HUGE turnout.
    My housemate/best mate was one of the guys giving him CPR on the road.

    Rest easy Jazza!
  11. Crap.

    RIP :(
  12. Not nice at all.
    Hope your mates doing well - send him my regards
  13. that was one fcuked up day you had dude :\
    your dog caught a train, you lost your seat, and you saw a rider down :(

    i suppose the only good thing (if any) that could come from this is the hope that you've expelled alot of bad luck, and you could have good luck for a while

    RIP jarrod.
  14. That road is getting more and more dangerous. Tourist traffic aren't paying attention or using the new 'give way' zones and driving far too slowly. I for one won't be using it on the bike any time soon. Plenty of roads that are just as good and see 1/20th the amount of traffic.