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The GOR. Pheww

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. My weekend!!

    Well, there I was, getting ready for my first Great Ocean Road run. I had promised my girlfriend early in the year to take her and it was now time to bite the bullet...
    We were both dressed warmly as the wind can be a killer, from what i've been told. I walked over to the beast and started the engine, let her warm up some, and then we proceeded slowly out the driveway.

    Along St Kilda Road the sun was beaming down on us and I was begginning to wish I wasn't so warmly dressed but too late to turn back now... we'll survive!
    The view over the westgate was FANTASTIC, never really noticed it before but today it looked brilliant, not much time to enjoy it though, must remain focused.
    All along the Geelong Freeway we went, litle engine screaming along, slowing down at every over pass, so as to not get nabbed by the fixed speed camera's and line old Bracksy's pockets anymore.
    Went through Geelong, didn't want to stop at that horrible place, not even to stretch the legs. How can people even call it a "second Melbourne"?
    Here we go now, turn off for Torquay, a small amount of nerve's starts building in my gut. No room for this, I press along until we get to Torquay where we stop grab a little bite to eat and keep going. Round the bends we go, accelerate....... BRAKE... turn & accelerate. Thouroughly enjoying this now, awesome no trace of nerve's. Nothing can touch me, I wave a fellow motorcyclist past as he obviously wants to get passed in a hurry, he gives us a wave and off he goes. The girl is thouroughly enjoying the view on the back, looking at the ocean, she puts her hand on my leg and pats it. I think to myself, what a great passenger, we twist and turn and twist some more, the tyres I think are really warm now and seem to have great traction even as little as they are. I push the little motor harder and harder until we reach Lorne. We fill up with juice, have a stretch and back on the road we go, roads are a little worse now, bumpy as hell infact, so I slow down some and try and keep everything even, after another 1.5 hours we make it to the 12 apostles in one piece, the girl is loving me a lot for this, so i'm happy. The view is nice but really, it's 4.00pm and I just wanna get going back.
    We take a different route on the way back, where the speed limit is constantly 100km but the roads just as windy and some corners found my self at about 35-40 kmph. 1 corner, 2 corner, 3 corner
    , 4 cor...... holy shit....A HUGE hole/rut in the road has just presented itself on this downhill, sweeping right hander, I glance down, we're doing 97kmph. There is no way to avoid this, without crossing lanes on a blind corner..... We hit the hole HARD, the controls wobble violenty, I hear a squeel from the tyre, as the suspension compresses & releases... Somehow we are alive and managed to stay on the road!!! I press on like nothing happened but I know my heart is still in my throat and I think I just stacked my dacks, the rest of the journey was uneventful except for another quick stop for juice and enough time for me to neck a V. We finally make it home and I have a huge stretch. I look up the drive way & there she is, all jealous as hell and hurt still gleaming in the porch light. She's silently screaming at me now and I knew I had done the wrong thing. I knew I should've taken my bike and not my girlfriends corolla!!!!!

    :evil: :p :p
  2. *ha oops*

    fixed up :oops:
  3. do you realise thats considered cheating? did you even stop to think about your poor bikes feelings? :p
  4. mate... great story was transfixed lol
    glad u had fun
    but i belive that u will get a better run if u took the bike lol
    but dont worry mate... they never get jealous
    just check eswen post about bikes and men... etc etc
    and i think there was something to do cookies...
    :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Yeah I know, was in a filthy on myself for not taking the bike! :-(
  6. :applause:

    Except if you took the bike and hit that pot hole you might not be able to post this on Netrider.

    I, like most on here, believe the other roads into and through the Otways are far better than GOR anytime.
  7. Mr Lid,

    what a great story, well done you got me :applause: :applause:
  8. Thats where I hit the hole... The GOR was bumpy, but going up through the Otways back the Highway was where I hit the CRATER... other than that the road was fine. :wink:
  9. Why didn't you let her in the car with you?