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The GOR camping trip 2015

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mick M, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Stever42 and I set out from the Eastern suburbs around 3pm last Sat 5/12, and made our way through the CBD to the Apollo Bay Hotel for dinner, before arriving at the campsite.

    We chose to try our luck at the Aire River East campground. We arrived at dusk and battled mozzies while setting up camp.
    In the morning, I found the river and enjoyed the tranquil views during breakfast.

    Setting out around 9am, we rode to Lavers Hill, (Beautiful road section of the GOR) and onto Port Campbell to take in the sights of the 12 Apostles.
    Morning tea and fuel taken care of, we backtracked through Laver's Hill and left to Colac through the National Park. Very nice road, as well.

    Then, the inland drudgery began. Long, flat, straight roads with nasty side and head winds. Lunch at Colac KFC was a welcome rest.

    Onto Teesdale, Lethbridge and Maude, before another fuel stop in Bacchus Marsh.

    It was 5ish the day had finally got hot and humid and I wasn't having fun anymore, so we took the quickest way to the Western Ring road, through Lower Plenty, Warrandyte and home at 7pm.

    About 750kms travelled, in total. I would like to spend more time in the Otways and try all the roads. I think it would be difficult to find a dud down there...

    On reflection: quality time spent with a great bloke, fun new roads discovered and the family was pleased to see me after two days absence.

    Got my camping packing system down-pat, but some panniers (soft luggage or hard cases) will be a must, on the next bike. Sharing about 40kg between the pillion seat and rack, makes my bike quite tippy and a handful at low speed. DSCN2137.JPG

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  2. An awesome way to spend the weekend..
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  3. Great photos of a brilliant day sharing beautiful roads with a good mate. That's what motorcycling is all about (y)!
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  4. I'm close to the GOR and so can usually pick my times to avoid the worst of the traffic but I still prefer a lot of the inland roads. They don't have the ocean view but make up for it

    One of my favourites is the Beech Forest -Mount Sabine Road & the Forrest-Apollo Bay Road to Skenes Creek is pretty good too.
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  5. Great trip Mick MMick M . Those straight runs to get to or from the GOR are a real PITA, but pleased you had some time to reflect on the really good bits. :)
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  6. Looks a great trip mate!

    I'm surprised you had anywhere to sit and ride the bike with all that gear I'm impressed just how much gear you get on your bike he bike did you have any issues with the gear moving or possibly coming off?
  7. looks brilliant and sounds like you had a ball :)
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  8. What absolutely stunning photos Mick MMick M and so glad you both had a rip snorter
    I just love the GOR only done once in a V6 commodore but in that it was great fun but on a bike...sigh ...would be the ant's pants
    Those rock formations, the colours and that endless ocean

    Planning to do GOR mornington, dandenongs and up to jindy in March 2016 with Zedee
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  9. Let us know when you get down here and we'll make a ride of it.
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  10. There's so many nice roads down there. I did Skenes Creek Rd to Forrest the previous weekend.
    Looked at Beech Forest Rd but wasn't sure if it was sealed all the way through.
    Need to spend about a month cruising all of the different roads to make up a few good loops.
    Some of the surface of the GOR is very average compared to the inland links.
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  11. Great ride report Mick MMick M , it has been too long since I have been riding and camping. I need to get off my posterior and arrange a trip. Personally hard panniers all the way, watertight, secure, simple to pack and then click on to the bike and off again.
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  12. I hope you intend to make the multi state meetup. in Jindabyne March 12th, 13th and 14th 2016.
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  13. That's my plan at the present...if I end up back in Sydney I will ride Zeddee down around Vic slumming it for a week then ride up with you rowdy Vic lot to Jindy
    If living here in Port, then down to Jindy at the bare minimum.
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  14. A few more shots of the GOR scenery.
    20151206_103955. y. 20151206_103800.
    20151206_105816. 20151206_105717.
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  15. Totally agree inland roads are better surfaced, no rock slides and less tourists going over the line on the corners, plus the less traffic means a more cruisey ride.

    The road is bitumen all the way. A section of it is also known as Turtons Track. About 5 kms or so in (heading from the Lavers Hill end) the speed limit drops to 40kmh. The curves are the tighest longest stretch I've ever ridden, and that includes the HIgh Country both in Victoria & New South Wales. The scenery is to die for (maybe a bad choice of words =D ). The only thing I would say is mid week you need to be careful of logging trucks, weekends are usually better and if there has been heavy rain or winds you do need to me mindful of debris. Not a road I do in mid winter though because it can be a bit slippery. On the Forest-Apollo Bay Road end there is a big sign warning vehicles towing caravans etc etc not to use the road. I think it puts a lot of people off using the road

    If you come down again, you should put it on your list.
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  16. Great report and photos MickMick and SteveSteve. All of this adds very well to inspiration for me to make tours of Victoria, thanks for posting.

    I've been along the Great Ocean Road just once - as far removed from motorcycling that you can get, in a mini-bus (!) - and I could have stood and looked over the colours of the cliffs and the ocean for much longer than time allowed.
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  17. This route is just over 100km and is probably the best riding in the Otways. Google Maps
    Like HB said, the section from Beech Forest going clockwise can be slippery in winter. Lots of eucalyptus bark on the road. Still waaaay heaps of fun!
  18. Man, you have stolen one of my fav little squirts!! And clockwise is the way to go, not only is the vision better through the corners on Turtons Track better, but the down Skenes Creek is better than the up!!

    The only thing I would add for Stever42Stever42 is the little free camping ground at Johanna Beach. Oh, and the Blue Johanna Road is in better condition than the Red, some gravel sections, but okay to ride.
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  19. Yep. Some of those corners are really good really really fast ones but I struggle to meet the 40km speed limit for most of the the stretch along the top of that loop.
  20. I remember one of the Victorian contingent commenting about the ride during the first Jindabyne jaunt that it was 'a helluva long way on crappy straight roads to get to some twisties'.....
    Maybe instead of getting panniers you might trim down some of the stuff you take?
    Great pics!!
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