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The good old days of friday night coffee at southbank.

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by smee, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. You don't see this sort of attendance any more.
    coffee. CRW_5867. CRW_5871.

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  2. impressive
  3. Last time I went there were about 15 or so...but that was a while ago. Impressive indeed.
  4. WOW, when was that picture taken, smee? I remember being there a few years ago when there were lots of bikes there, not that many but still a lot. I went there a couple of months ago and there was about 6 bikes and a couple of other people who'd car-ed in.....
  5. 2006 it was
  6. is that peanut in one of those pics
  7. Wow. I'd only been once, in 2010, literally right after the Tasmania Tour (we got off the boat and headed straight to Southbank, mud and luggage and all). It seemed pretty busy then.

    I wonder what's shrunk it down?
  8. 2006 I went down to Melbourne for the Annual Netrider Dinner (R.I.P.). It was the same weekend as the GP but there was still a stack of people at Southbank

    My guess is that people are very busy, more flexible work hours mean people are working at times when they would have been off, who knows??
  9. Those were the days! yes I think people are busy and if there mugs not stuck usings a computer its in a smartphone, oh how simply life was
  10. Wow, are they all netriders? I've never shown up to group events because I'm a terrible conversationalist, and I'm quite anti-social besides
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  11. Yes and many more familiar faces in there.
    Indeed you are right. I remember that night. Still can't quite believe how far up the path the bikes were parked! I think I have some pics from that same night, but earlier on in the day. I'll need to get that new phone point put in to hook up the desktop to the net though. I'll work on it. :)
  12. hmmm perhaps it's time to annoy the fcuk out of people to get off their ass and get involved again...i will have a ponder on this and discuss with some other nsw members, impressive photo's and turnout.
  13. Ya livin' in the past man
  14. Okay, how many people/bikes can you recognize in the first photo?
    I can spot VTR Bob, Tiggrrr (not sure of the spelling), Realm, Deyago,, I think myself, Loz's Hornet, maybe Robsalvs ZX9, or it's Z900's. Al's KLR 650 (not sure of his username, but the bloke who lost an arm)
    Anyone else add to that?
  15. Egiste (Mark) is sitting on the wall (top right). He's not in bike gear which makes me thing the bike in the foreground is what was at the time Carri's ZZR.

    Bottom pic is clearly Deano. Is that Rolla behind him?
  16. That is a decent turnout. I experienced the same in the car scene in Melbourne. Once the younger crowd started to appear, the cruise scene started to die.
    The biggest issue is the younger crowd want everything organised for them and if it's not perfect they'll use the shittiest excuse not to go.
  17. I don't think so. I reckon it's the bloke that rode the white Honda ST 1100 in the top right corner of the picky.
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    Wow that pic is old.
  19. I wasn't guessing. ;) I've known Mark since we met at school in 1994 and when this pic was taken we were sharing a house we continued to share for some years. Top right corner, sitting on the wall is Mark. He ended up buying Carri's ZZR. Unfortunately he got cleaned up by a Falcon on it. Then he got married before he was able to replace it and I understand he's not allowed to buy motorcycles anymore.
  20. Sorry, i was a bit vague, probably posting from my phone. I was talking about the bloke in the white tee shirt behind peanut, that you thought may have been Rolla. If that was what you were referring to? :)