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The good ol' stationary drop.... almost

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, May 31, 2009.

  1. My bike needed a well overdue clean (its first since I bought it) so I did it this afternoon. After coming back from taking it for a short ride, I shifted it forward whilst standing to the left side. I put it down on the side stand before it was completely stationary. The next thing that happened woke me up. The next thing I knew was that the left hand grip was just below my knee. I'm surprised that I caught it and yanked it back up in one motion just with my left hand. I would have been pretty unhappy if it made it all the way to the ground.

    Another thing, Armor All on the seat makes it interesting when taking off a bit more briskly. The pillion seat stopped me from falling off the back!

  2. You armaroled the seat?? :shock:
  3. use vaseline next time, does a better job :grin:
  4. dude - use KY. At least it's water based :LOL:
  5. I have a ruptured tendon on my right wrist from wrestling up the bike when it tried to do the stationary drop. :cry:

    ArmourAll on the seat rocks. Makes it real easy to slide off the side of the seat while doing Kenny Roberts impersonations through the twisties.

  6. Well you just found out how strong your left arm is hey...???? Nice recovery... well done at least it didnt kiss the ground.

    ArmourAll hey.... Interesting!!!
  7. Next time, for the full effect, try some Armor All on your grips.
  8. I dropped mine the other day, at a petrol station! I think I just jumped back onto it a little enthusiastically, and forgot the weight had changed as it was now full as opposed to totally empty, and i pulled it off the side stand too hard......what a dufus...

    luckily for me, the petrol pump caught us :p and I held it there while someone filling up came over to pull us straight.

    Like I said....what a dufus.....felt like a total idiot!!!!!

    Still, at least it didn't hit the floor...thank gawd.

    Oh, both times I dropped my 250 (when I was on L's) was stationary..... :p pft.
  9. Armourall to my seat is like wax to my surfboard... Well, the opposite really.

    I love the effortless sliding from one side to the other... mmm silicone protectant.
  10. mmm...(for any noobs listening)...DO NOT armorall your seat. It does'nt take long to find out why. :wink:

  11. My first experience with Armor All on the seat was after I picked up my bike from its first service. They (Stevos) put it on the seat. It was slippery but wore off quickly.

    Does anyone have suggestions about the seat? Should it be left alone or is there something worthwhile putting on it to keep it in as good condition as possible?
  12. I must admit, on my bikes I have preferred a light wipe of armourall on the seat, helps to move around on the bike. If you're just starting to ride, I'd suggest you take the seat vinyl off, soak it in armourall overnight, and use a tankcam the next time you go for a ride.