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The Good and Bad places to stay in Tassie,

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by deadman, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Here it is, Have your say, Both ways, Good and Bad,

    List the Best places that you have stayed in Tassie here, Give them customers,

    Also put in the Bad places that you have stayed in and why they are so Crappola. these deserve to be put out of business, No customers,

  2. Good places .....
    Risby Cove
    Henry Jones Art Hotel
    Inglenook by The Sea (B&8)

    I don't think I've come across any bad places as such, just not-so-good places.
  3. Piermont on the East Coast.
    Cradle Mountain Chateau
    Lemonthyme Lodge

    All on great bike roads!
  4. The bad...

    Shipwrights Arms - Hobart

    the good

    Strahan Motor inn. - strahan
  5. Having just spent 14 days down there, here is the summary on the places I stayed.


  6. What happened at the shippie. We stayed there a couple of nights in 2003 and they were great then, even put our bikes in the lock up garage for us. Maybe they have changed hands and new owners are not bike friendly?

    Please tell.
  7. Cradle mountain lodge - awesome (but that was 20 years ago on a honeymoon...)
  8. Bike friendly for sure.. they offered to put the bike in the lock up beer garden area, and pledged it would be opened at 7 ...

    we left around 8 and it was still locked up tight...

    Main issues...

    Room tiny , barely enough room around the bed for your feet let alone Two guys and gear . !

    ANTS - everywhere.

    in all the gear , all over the bikes...