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The Godfather of flat track

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by _joel_, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. #1 _joel_, Feb 2, 2010
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    Young pup VR said he would have a go, and chickened out after seeing the 64yo's blistering pace, on the old rocket.
    What a legend.
    Whatch the related vids too (y)

  2. #### he can ride
  3. farrrrk me what a champion, rossi's face said it all
  4. Thanks for posting that. For those of us who can rememebr the gob-smacked amazement of the American scribes who wrote the original race up as it happened, that film is a nice bookend to tha phenomenal career. I had a chuckle as the course commentator raved about him 'giving it 110% out there, folks', but the way he threw it sideways shows that if you've got it, it will always be there.
  5. Awesome video. Put a big grin on my face.
  6. I want one of them. Fantastic find, Joel
  7. Very cool, nice find... 1st related video = Lady Gaga Bad Romance...wtf?
  8. way before my time, but you can tell it means something just by the look on rossi's face. ha
  9. It's easy this far down the track, to not realise what a phenomenal rider King Kenny was.

    He was racing on hotted-up Yamaha XS-650 twins, against factory-backed 750 Harleys, and winning a good share of races, but the AMA series required that riders score points in five different disciplines, one of which was road-racing. The Daytona 200 was a points-scoring race, and under the tutelage of our own Kel Caruthers, Roberts adapted his sideways skills from dirt-track to the tar. Here the Yamahas were dominant over the old-world Harleys, and soon Roberts and others were racing in England over the Christmas break, in a series knwn as the Trans-Atlantic Series. All these races were on tracks he'd never seen, against hardened British and European racers, and, often, in the rain, which he had never done. Nevertheless, he won lots of races and was encouraged to forsake the US and try his hand at a full season of Grand Prix racing in Europe.

    The sages shook their hoary heads and declared that you couldn't win in Europe 'straight out of the box', and if he was ever to be successful it would take him a few seasons to be competitive.

    Once again the Roberts/Caruthers magic was woven as he won three straight 500cc world titles in his first three years, against the rampant Barry Sheene and the best England and Europe could muster.

    I think it's fair to say that had he started road-racing in Europe as early as Rossi or Stoner did, he may have been the holder of some pretty unassailable records by the time he retired.
  10. He will always be "The King"
  11. Yeah, a singularly amazing achievement. And, when he first started racing in Europe in early 1977, he was racing a 250 as well!!

    Re:the video. Very cool, obviously, and listening to the "crackle" of the TZ's expansion chambers brought back so many memories. But I DO wish that these video makers would shut the "music" up and just let us listen to the gorgeous sound of the engine.

    Oh, and sorry to be pedantic, but, IIRC, the Trans-Atlantic series was always held over the Easter weekend.
  12. Here's a close-up of the bike.

  13. Hot!!!!
  14. that was gold. the inclusion of rossi's face, and his aparant declination to ride after that makes me smile with pride.
    did you see the way, he just fanged it from the beginning and lit it up? lol....big kudos.
  15. I wouldn't be too hard on Rossi if he decided not to ride the bike; as Roberts himself said, they weren't prepared to pay him enough to risk HIS life on, more than the one, memorable time.
  16. Thanks for filling in some of the historical bits, P&P. And that is a great photo!
  17. Incidentally, the other bike in the photo is the 'standard' XS-650 twin derived Yamaha AMA racer, and in the background of THAT is one of the Harley flat-trackers Roberts was racing against.
  18. Once I get over my current problems, I may have a crack at building a replica of that thing. All of the parts are readily available. Shouldn't be so hard. I love the look of it, and it sounds so good on the youtube clip.
  19. I wish you luck sourcing a TZ750 engine, though!! They used to be popular with the drag-racing set around 10 years ago and I'm sure that there are still some about, but, unlike road-going kit, they weren't designed for a long life.
  20. Bloody hell that's a big motor. Even if that was a 4 stroke I'd be nervous racing it on the dirt!