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The Glass Trick

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by es, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Magic trick vid- not in english but its all visual anyway


    i think its pretty cool :)
  2. Fureeeeeky...
    Ok, now tell me how it's done. :p
  3. Wow - now that is amazing. How is that done?
  4. There's gotta be a hole in the glass or a removeable section somewhere

    Looks way cool though
  5. The first coin trick will be basic palming.

    For the salt shaker, watch his left hand, especially the location and path of his palm just before he starts the salt-shaker trick. Look at how he carefully slides it across from the end of the table. Also note how the table to his left (closest to the camera) has no glass top. There will be a very thin pane of glass on the table's surface with a hole in it, and a lower pane of glass that slides out from the end table with a matching hole, and he disguises this with his palm just prior to the salt-shaker trick. He likely has an assistant helping out with this in some way.

    The suspended coin trick will just be a variation on the salt-shaker deal.

    All the girls on the table are assistants, and the table and restaurant are not random.
  6. That is freaky....There is probably just glad wrap over the table with a slit in the middle. :)