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The Girls plus my experience and stuff...

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jem, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. #1 Jem, Mar 18, 2012
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    Hi all,

    Well probably a bit late with this and lots to say so Mods if you think it is in the wrong place please move as appropriate.

    So in September 2011 a couple of guys that work for me at the time start riding their bikes to work and I get the bug. Had always wanted a bike but knew myself well enough to know what would happen. So now a bit older I thought I could manage not to kill my self..... One of the guys mentions Netrider and so here I am.

    So what bike is the first question; initially a CB400 seems like the right choice and I go and have a look and it looks good. chat on here with the CB 400 people on the tread and all looks good... then one day while walking to work I see a ER-6N and go what is that ! So onto the web I go and see all about it but more importantly that there is a new model coming in 2012 see here for what I saw -


    And that as they say in the classics was that I had to have one. So straight back here and onto the ER-6nl tread and i was convinced it was what i wanted. Yes I understood the whole new bike you are going to drop it thing but I like new and once I did the math it was cheap - well at least less than the train and bus was costing me.

    So then the bad part I got laid off at the end of November and I thought it was all over. fast forward to the end of Jan and Wayne from Brighton Kawasaki calls me and lets me know she will be here mid Feb. I have a new gig so all looking good and i say yes over the phone. Only issue was i wanted white but it is black or green so Black is the new White!!!! Plus it has that red spring and I can work with that....

    So here she is just washed after 4 weeks ridding - To be continued in part 2

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  2. Re: The Girls plus my experience and stuff... Part 2

    I would have to say that Wayne at Brighton was marvelous, kept me up to date all the time with out me having to chase him up ever. In fact I had seen the bike and bought it before other dealers even knew it was in the country.

    Couple of other pics; The "Seek" part of "Seek and Destroy" my kids on the day I bought the bike.... She really thought I should get pink - note the kitten on the back.....

    I had a spare SMIDSY sticker so the bin just had to be part of it-

    And lastly the RHOK sticker on the bike, Sorry Tak a bit late but thanks for the great Jeans and Gloves.

    Lastly thanks to all on here for all your comments, advice amd help.

    So 4 weeks and about 525 km on the clock and have loved evey minute of it. Now if i could only turn right from stationary without freaking out life would be good.

    Cheers Jeremy

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  3. Haha at your daughter, maybe in a few years she can ride the pink scooter!!

    i like the bike mate, really nice looking, the neighbor across the road just had a midlife crisis and sold his car and bought the same bike.. hes been riding it all day every day with his kids on the back.

    sounds nice, looks good.
  4. Thanks Mikey,

    Having a great time on her so far; went for my first ride on the freeway today, hmm the wind really gets to be an issue when you are moving. Was only game to look at the speedo a few times but did see 105 so at least I got to see what it is like.

    Did a few laps so I know what it feels like now and will not be an issue in my head when I need to do it.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Stay loose on the bars.. if you feel yourself tensing up, consider giving your arms a bit of a flap (think: chicken wings).. The more you tense up, the more you will transfer any gusts of wind down your arms and onto the bars as steering inputs, and the more "wobbly" the bike will feel. It can be a bit of a tough ask at first, as most people will naturally tense up when they feel scared. It's an important behaviour to learn to overcome though.

    Even on my little 250 I find the wind is far less of an issue now than it initially seemed, and I think a large amount of that is down to my looser posture, and understanding that the bike, in the absence of any external steering inputs is actually pretty stable at those sort of speeds. I can't remember who recommended the technique to me (I'm fairly sure it was someone on here), but I believe it's well known and accepted, and has worked wonders for my confidence on the bike.
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  6. Thanks gundy,

    Good advice, I think it will be a while before I do the freeway often but it was a prefect day this afternoon to have a safe low traffic first experience. Could get on at an on ramp that stays a lane for 2 kms before an exit so I knew I could get on and get off without having to worry about me merging into traffic. Will keep doing it in small batches till I come to terms with the wind and the speed and then out into it......

    Thanks again, Jeremy
  7. beautiful bike mate...how do you find the er6-nl handle's? both me n the other have half somewhat lusted after one for awhile - being a pansy i'm hesitant and sticking to my faithful 250's for now as i'm rather trigger happy with the throttle...yet like to keep both wheels on the ground - doubt i will ever be drawn to the world of wheelie's ect...there's enough fun to be had without pushing the risk factor that far imo (yes...i'm a pansy...WHAT OF IT?!)
  8. I love new bike/rider enthusiasm, it's like opening up a whole new world ... I can remember my first drive and I'm pretty sure it never gave me the same buzz as my first ride.

    Is black is noice ..
  9. hahaha

    the more you ride the less you'll notice the wind....
    well until you come across one of those windy days when it is a pain....:LOL:

    Well done by the way.... (y)
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  10. Thanks, sorry cannot really comment on how they handle as this is my first bike so I have nothing to compare it to other then the 250 I did my L's on.

    To me she is quite stable at low speed; I have been doing lots of practice with the clutch out and no trottle and she happily goes along. Corners etc at the slow poke speed I am going around them no issue and have not felt like she want's to run wide. That however could be because I have read the Noob Guides to cornering more times than anything else and think I might even be getting it.....

    For more in depth handling knowledge suggest you talk to BitSar and Mr Bling and have a look at the ER-6 tread under bike reviews.

    Cheers, Jeremy
  11. very sexy bike


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  12. Good work, Jem - congratulations. Nice bike.

    Just keep building your experience and work up to things in baby steps. Remember to hold yourself on the bike with your legs and core body strength, not your arms and shoulders. Even if the wind pushes you around a bit, you still steer the bike the exact same way - the basics don't change. Crouching into the wind a little can help. Racers lean right down behind the fairing like that for a reason. Not only does it reduce the air drag on the bike allowing it to go faster, but it reduces the forces and loads on the rider, minimising fatigue, and it also reduces the unwanted and unintended forces going into the controls caused by the wind. The wind can blow your head and upper body around in erratic ways, and your don't want to transfer that erratic motion into the steering.
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