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The Ghan is teh sukc

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by eyeLikeCarrots, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. So I live in Canberra now and I thought, "What a great chance to take advantage of something like the Ghan or the Indian Pacific by building a train journey into exploring the center of our great country".

    Checked the terms and conditions for the mob who run these services and you'll never guess what.

    They do not allow bikes to be carried on the train unless they are on a trailer with tyre rails and straps, the fuel has been removed from the tank, and the trailer is hanging off a vehicle.

    Really disappointing to find out that I can't sling my GS on a train, enjoy a great rail jouney and then have a life changing trip riding back home from Alice Springs.

    Does anyone have a suggestion or know of any other services that help bikers get around.... (apart from riding all the way there and all the way back).

  2. Try & tee it with someone who's taking an empty trailer?

    Or see if you can crate it perhaps? A phone call may clear up a few options.

    Let us know how you go.
  3. Ride both ways ya goose. Trains are booooring.
  4. What he said.
  5. But.. but .. but... I like trains.....
  6. So ride the gs on the rail tracks
  7. You could pay a transport company to drive it there on a trailer, or in a box on a truck. I don't think you would need a motorcycle specific company. Just ring around to get some answers.

    Alice Springs to Sydney would be a nice ride, goodluck!
  8. i thought of doing the exact same thing a few years back... travelling over to Perth on the Indian Pacific and then riding home…. But I ended up riding the whole way :) …..

    when I sold my triumph to a guy up in Townsville he used a motorbike carrier…. Im pretty sure it was going to cost him under 500 bucks to get it back up there…. 3 to 4 hundred rings a bell…
  9. soo.... are cars required to be tied down on trailers, with their fuel tanks drained, and the stereo disabled, and the fluffy dice removed, and ..... ?

    talk about idiotic bureaucracy :roll:.
  10. On the other hand, cars don't fall over when they're rocked about...
  11. The amount of rocking about on a train as opposed to the Tassie ferry is miniscule yet bikes are tied down securely on there.
  12. This is exactly the thing I was just discussing with some of the guys I work with.

    I still totally think the Ghan licks the sweat of dogs balls.