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The Gendarme

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. "The French motorcycle Gendarme (the Gendarme is Military, not civil) is a respected Officer of the Law by the French bikers.

    First of all, they are all real bikers. They all ride motorcycles privately. Secondly, because they are real bikers, they rarely fine other bikers (unless you're being really stupid, or you caught them on an off day). Thirdly, the training they receive is second to none !! The motorcycle Gendarme knows how to ride a motorcycle, there is little doubt with anyone who has seens them ride !"

    Read on... Some great photos

  2. I was really impressed until I read the bit at the bottom about most of them riding BMW's

  3. I'm sorry but since Nepoleon went south it's hard to be respectful of the French Military. Kind of like the Italians... You know:

    4 Sale
    1 x Rifle, As New
    Only dropped once...

    Someone was going to say it, ok back to the box I know, I know...
  4. I feel sorry for the one chick. If thats her in the photo then she's a bit of a looker.....

    94 men 1 women.....
  5. I assume that the Harley is there as a punishment for poor work performance

    :D :D :D
  6. For sale 1X italian tank
    8l v8 turbo diesel barely run in
    16 speed gearbox - 1 forward 15 reverse
    4 inch main gun - never been fired
    as new condition
    PH: 1800 Britisharmy
  7. "They are able to ride without their hands on their handle bars, while taking corners at high speeds"

    Now class, repeat after me...

    "Le motorcycle de l'agent de police, Monsieur SOBIL"
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  9. a what what in the what now? I knew i should of paid attention in french. Now does this mean i should run?