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The Garage

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. We have a new add-on to the forums, title "Garage" :dance:

    Click the Garage link at the top of the page in the forum menu.
    Then Click 'Add Vehicle' on the left-hand side to add your bikes details

    A clickable link will then appear on the left-hand-side of your posts that gives the title of your bike, and takes the reader to your garage to see all the details and pic's of your pic.

    In addition to the details of your bike(s), you can also itemise, with pics, the mods/bling you have done on your bike (including listing the business you got it from), and also have a mini-gallery of pics of your bike.

    The makes/manufacturers are preset, so if yours in listed then please post here (or contact us via email/pm) to have yours added. Use the "Not Listed Yet? Click Here" link to add your bike model, if someone hasn't already done so.

    People can leave guestbook comments on your Garage, and also give your bike(s) a rating. The Garage Home Page (see link at top of page) gives some overall stats on the highest rated, most money spent, last update modifications, most viewed, and most modifications, etc.... It also randomly features a bike from the entire Garage.

    Here's an example ... https://netrider.net.au/forums/garage.php?mode=view_vehicle&CID=1

    Some restrictions to your Garage applies...
    * Max of 3 bikes
    * Max 5 images per bike (inc mods)
    * Max image size of 300K
    * Max image resolution of 800x800

    Click here to immediately add your bike to your Garage.

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  2. Kewel; now all I have to do is get the Hornet fixed up for an acceptable photograph :LOL:.
  3. Yep love it :LOL: Pretty easy to upload and manage. Thanks guys :wink:
  4. Search function is not working yet. I can't seem to find anyone elses bike.
  5. Now you can .. they have to be approved first.
  6. What a brilliant addition to the site, fantastic. Thanks guys :grin:
  7. Boy...you guys are having a busy Sunday judging by all these new features. :grin:
  8. Sweet! Bike is in the garage, safe and sound now! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. i'll have to work out how to do this......too tired now......but pics on the way
  10. I couldnt choose AUS dollars, only US.. But cool feature. :)
  11. Awesome! :grin:
  12. OK, how do I go about fixing up my bike. I know I selected 1998, but for some reason it's decided it's a 2008! (That'd be a good trick)
  13. Thx, fixed.
  14. Just under where you clicked on the 'Create Vehicle' button, will be a hyperlink with your bike title. Click on it, then once into the details on your bike, you'll have an edit button.
  15. This is a pretty funky feature. Particularly for somebody like me that knows people by what they ride rather than their real name.
  16. awesome feature, will have to upload some pics tomorrow!
  17. errr since when is a Ventura bag classified as a bike mod :shock:
    luggage is an accessory not a modification, bike specs have not changed :roll:
  18. Who are you kidding, you'll be riding tomorrow .... {and be careful, too, OK??}
  19. Modification categories

    A few thoughts - given this is for bikes and all, perhaps we could have some additional modification categories:

    Exhaust (surely one of the common mods)
    Frame (oggy knobs!)
    Fairings (race glass etc, custom paint perhaps?)
    Screen (another common mod)
  20. Re: Modification categories

    Done. Thx.