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The games we play...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oohsam, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hey.
    I was just thinking this the other day. It may have been posted before but I couldn't find anything.

    I have a few little games I like to play when I'm riding to keep me entertained sometimes.

    For example one of my favorite games is when I'm at the lights I see how long I can keep the bike balanced for without putting my feet down. Once my feet are down I start the timer again and see if I can keep the bike balanced again whilst not moving....

    Anyone got some?
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    I play "how not to get hit or hurt while lane filtering"

    its a good one.


    EDIT: here's some ideas for you:

    Kids - dont try this at home...
  3. I like to play 'how many different ways you can rest on your petrol tank' whilst waiting at the lights. :wink:
  4. the biggest favourite of mine either car or bike requires the sitiation of the car next to you to be not paying attention.

    That is, they are playing with the radio or on the phone or looking off to the side. When the light is still red i move forward (sometimes quickly as if i'm taking off) then hit the brakes. Some people automatically start driving off and not looking and then hit the brakes. Mean while i'm laughing away thinking "that will teach you to not pay attention"...

    I play the balance game also but learnt very quickly don't do it in gusty wind days... i.e. no wind then wack your almost on your side...
  5. I like "finding ways to freak out drivers on long, boring highway stretches".
    Pretending to be asleep while passing them is the best I've come up with so far :grin:.

    Edit: Oh and Brownyys traffic light game is always good fun too. Works even better if timed with a green right turn arrow. Bonus points if it works on an intersection with a red light camera and they get booked.
  6. Man - thats so not cool... wat if they hit you... doofas. Guaranteed you'll loose your own game..
  7. I drum on the petrol tank. cant hear the beat tho.
  8. In 6th gear, with the choke on; my bike will cruise at 55km/hr while I play air guitar when the solo in November Rain starts...
  9. Try taking off from the lights SOOOO slowly that you give the 4WD / Volvo behind you the shits.........

    That's really really hard.............. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Ahahahahahahahaha I'd love to see that!!! :rofl:

    The game I occasionally play is really simple. See kid at car window. Kid stares at you like you’ve got two horns. Stare back at kid and give a massive :p and watch them go :eek: .

    Yes, I’m very childish in case you haven’t realised that by now.
  11. Just out of curiosity... how do they see your mouth when you have your helmet on :?:
  12. I pull my helmet down a little bit and poke my tongue as high as I can out of my mouth. They see it because they usually get a very undignified “O†and frown to their wee features and try and get their mummy’s attention to ward off the evil biker person.

    I can also see Jeff’s mouth when he’s got a helmet on – well part of it anyway. So I don’t think it’s that invisible. I might be wrong though – different helmets for different people maybe?
  13. I like to lop the old fella out onto the petrol tank in traffic.
    im not a squid or anything i wear a rubber.

  14. so..... it's a small petrol tank yeah? :LOL:
  15. Really Ktulu? I'll have to give that a shot. :D
  16. :LOL: well it doesn't quiet have the same effect on cold days
  17. when driving, i often fake being asleep, with tilted head, mouth open a little and steer with the lower portion of the wheel. around one in ten overtakers try to wake me.
    i'm not sure where i got that game from, i think i saw it on a prank show of some sort. the fun is endless.
  18. :rofl: , ha, ha, u sick puppy!

    Tex & Bundy

  19. i knew i couldn't be the only one who plays air guitar every now and then... but i never thought of using the choke, i only do it downhill :p

    also drums at the lights sometimes.

    always considered pulling out my phone, holding it up to my helmet and pretending to talk if there's someone looking at me funny but don't want to drop it, and finger feeling isn't as good with the gloves on.