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The future of bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nadski, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. http://smh.drive.com.au/future-cars/the-dysoninspired-unibike-20111013-1llkk.html
    more pics in the link

  2. that has to be the most ugliest and stupidest thing anyone could come up with.
  3. Who cares about looks, if it is actually faster than current sportsbikes- I am in.

    If I bought bikes on what they looked like I would be a poser on a Harley.

  4. Why, they aren't that good looking........
  5. It's all about looks with them though
  6. That's an image thing, not how the bike itself looks.
  7. I think that if Harley bought out something like the OP (even if it had a 45 degree air cooled v twin), then the image would no longer sell, so definitely bike looks is a integral part of image.

    It doesn't matter anyway, that mudguard is not at 45 degrees, its going to be fined off aussie roads.
  8. I can appreciate a harley and its looks (if not its mechanics and price tag). I could never own one as i dont like the gay pirate look that the rider is required to maintain as part of its ownership.

    As for that bike above... the guy is a retard unless they make hoverbikes.
    At least hitting a pedestrian or tboning a car would have more exciting effects!
  9. I'll have a go...
  10. Is the second wheel using stealth technology also from the future or?
  11. id gladly own and ride one,
    something different, reminds me of the starwars speedster things
  12. hmmm.. wonder what the touring model looks like.
  13. Less bustle and cod-piece, otherwise...
  14. Monowheels have been touted as the way of the future since about 1918. The fact that they haven't been suggests that there is something fundamentally wrong with the claims.

    My guess would be the fact that they are no better than two wheelers in any practical sense and require either an unavailably huge tyre to fit even the most cramped accomodation in (old style, low tech), or the computing power of a Cray II to maintain any semblance of balance and stability (new style, high tech).

    Hmmm. Pointless and expensive complexity for no performance advantage. Could we be looking at a prototype for next year's Honda range? :wink: :bolt:
  15. I would like to see a very real effort to have an electric bike, I'm not sure but in the latest Hollywood Star Trek film young Kirk is riding what sounded like an electric bike.
    Being an outsider because I am in Alaska I don't know all the facts but I think some sort of carbon tax law was just passed in Oz?
    Yes I know electric bikes can be built but are they anywhere near to having a minimum 100 kilometer range if not a realistic 300 range, and only needing less than a hour to recharge?

    I suppose a smart person could make a bike with a trailer, even with some regenerative braking. All it takes is to have the best battery pack available and then work on that even more. Eventually one could make a touring bike, if I was in Oz right now I would start up a project and see what I can build just so I can get off the grid as much as possible.
    A commuter bike could work, set up a portable solar panel or install one permanently at work and then plug in during the day. Or just have a dual solar panel station, one at home, one at work, swap out the battery pack just like a portable tool. It can be done if its just a short commute say less than an hour of riding.
  16. Yes but road fuel is, for the time being, exempt.