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the funny ODD post

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. i like puppies!

  2. nope

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  3. lets take off her other foot!

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  1. now, we can all see where stump is heading....she's getting much closer to the day hornet600 lets himself in with a crow bar, rips the spiffy lap top from under me with the words 'we wont be making that mistake again!'

    now im about to REALLY stir the pot! to me, its funny, light hearted and worth having a laugh over...yet, to some or most nrs, it's MEAN, BITCHY and only something stump would say.

    here goes;

    every now and then i come across an ODD post on netrider. for example, lets say i started a thread about a bet i have with my GP and the winner gets a huge toblerone. some one would put a post in saying nothing more than;

    now, after my giggle, its tempting to do a sarcastic reply such as...

    'um, oookay, i REALLY wanted to know that! i've been dying to know'

    why don't these oddballs just hit me with the whole 'i just follow blindly' description;

    but the laughs dont stop there. ive noticed if you ask for advice there's the occational person who says nothing more than this in a post;

    ha ha!

    now on the off chance u may be feeling like a target, it may help you to know im a pro when it comes to picking up on these things. i had a friend who was shocking when it came to making conversation and he said the most odd of all things to be said.

    when i sent a text message explaining how i felt responsible for stray cat having only 1 tooth cause i fed him KFC burgers without chopping it up, his sms reply was


    sarcasm here--- oh wow, like, i totally didnt know that! so where does our conversation go from here?

    'wet cat is softer than dead cat'?

    on a more physisophical note, ive notice there are some self absorbed people who only like to advertise and speak of themselves and they go as far to include details such as what chocolate bars they prefer to eat [all in the name of making conversation...i hope].

    honestly, i dont even know who im talking about and its probably better i dont cause i probably think v highly of those who i am bagging out.

    lets face it, its really easy to be all ME ME ME on forums. i am to some degree. sometimes i only pop into the threads where i have put a post in.

    it was said to me in a pm a long time ago
    we are the centre of our own universe and as a result we dont have the pressence we feel according to others. others see us as one of the others and thats all we really are. in other words, our pressence is strong to us and that's as far as it goes.

    ok, now that ive made myself look like an odd ball, what's the oddest post you've seen on netrider or anywhere else?
  2. Yours, I guess
  3. nah, Stump somehow still manages to show some form of relation to the OP in most of her posts ive seen :p

    jeeeez, as for some Lurkers, their replies and even their OPs are just sooooo so random. no1 has a clue.

    cant think of a specific example at the moment, but will keep an eye out now :grin:
  4. I know what you mean, Jax, but sometimes it's hard to keep yourself OUT of the thread.

    When someone posts something like, "I think the Putty Road is crap", it's hard not to reply, "Well I started riding up there in 1974 and I disagree..." The OP wants to talk about him/herself, and I DO try and keep to that.

    The best :? :? posts are usually done late Saturday night, fueled, I suspect, by various chemical substances. I've read through some five times trying to make sense of it, and given up completely :LOL:.

    And, as long as we are on the subject, about that laptop......... :rofl:.
  5. i dont know :?
  6. I don't like snickers that much
  7. :LOL: I've seen Paul/Hornet600 do that one! But nobody else had responded, so at least the noob didn't feel ignored.

    pinxie i think we can agree that 'i dont know' is acceptable when there's no other post :grin:

    hornet wrote
    ive been there too paul. it's a bit like a brain teaser isnt it.

    well, by the looks of things its a close call between loss of spiffy lap top and loss of the left foot :LOL:

    they'll come to you. thanks, this is going to be fun!

    btw, what da hell is OPs?
  9. Opening Post :)

    At least...that's what I thought/think it is :p
  10. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of it, in the distance... But there's no Jax on it...

  11. now now loz, that isnt justified and you know it :p
  12. I'm eating ice cream :?:
  13. ^^ ha ha!

    now im gunna justify the words of loz......

    last night i had a dream about a new bf. his sister kept insisting that she felt i didnt like him very much.

    so, later the lucky fella and i were in the throws of passion [fully dressed] on the dinner table and the sister walks in.

    he said 'see, she likes me'

    now, the traumatizing part of this dream is what happened to the fella when his sister was in the room.

    here's a hint, it sounds like this 'blp blp'

    didnt seem strange at first but when i was on my way home i thought

    WAIT A MOMENT! he's sister was in the room! did that have something to do with it?

    there you go loz, im all yours to bully now :LOL:
  14. Yep, I've seen posts on netrider. :)
  15. Are the drugs that you are on obtained legally?
  16. Go with speed Hornet600...
  17. who me? my drugs?

    no, they're not legal for YOU but they are for me.

    believe it or not, my dreams were super crazy before any chemicals came along. they made an improvement :wink:
  18. You just have to check your profile darls. When it comes to these,
    You win hands down.

    By a long way. no1.

    All those weird arse posts you made in Hornets christian beliefs thread,
    some other shit you started about dreams, shit said about f*cken aliens
    & whatnot etc etc. 1002.
    1censored. endless list 0098_6DLU1L.


    Voted --> lets take off her other foot! :p

    & Don't ever change! 008-1.
  19. ha ha! i LOVE the pic! good one! perfect!

    um, you have me confused with someone else. im the one who is pro evolution and provided the model of how our genes are linked to a common ansestor by root of apes and monkeys [from Earth :LOL: ].

    turned out to be less known of than i thought it was in general

    my dreams definately win!

    ive never come across anyone with an odder dream than the ones my psyche creates. it can work to my advantage. sometimes i dream up compositions and there's been the odd dream where ive sat in the movie theater and watched an unseen film.

    cheers :cool:
  20. :LOL: :LOL: Stump.

    Keep stumpin it up girl :grin: