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The Funky NOT SO COLD Maydena

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Iffracem, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Well, not cold at all really :grin: 17 degrees, not a hint of rain.

    Looked to be a no-go as temperatures plummeted to 2 degree's (according to Tim's thermometer) as the fog rolled in on the way to the start point at New Norfolk, but a quick coffee, Mars Bar and a chat saw the sun burn up the fog and we were off.

    Road was relatively traffic free, which is always good. Had the usual Tassie road issues tho, gravel dragged up by tintop steerers not sure where the left wheels are, road kill, cos we've still got so much wildlife left to wander onto the roads, and water seeping from cracks in the bitumen.

    But apart from one place where there was a load of "road metal" across the road, exactly the same colour as the road itself, and just happened to be in the shadow of a tree..... and another spot where the water seepage was defying all laws of gravity and seeping out at the TOP of a rise....
    Then there was the bit with MOSS growing on the bitumen.. :shock:

    But no accidents, no misshaps, just a great day of riding.

    I was enjoying myself way too much to stop and take photo's, so my daughter grabbed the camera, took more movies than photo's but here's a couple...

    A roadside stop to do a "headcount", (bikes obscured by Mrs McCarthy's shopping trolley) checkout the scenery

    Smack, just checking the dukes oil by the "sample 'n taste" method
  2. Mate you should have known the jerry would be gone from norfolk by 9 and headed down the river to cool of the rest of the derwent :LOL: :LOL:
  3. nice ride. Nice pics. but so so cold. Tazzie on autum / winter is not fun.
  4. It was great riding down from Snug to Hobart, then up the Brooker dragway, but jeez from Granton to New Norfolk I damn near sufferred what happens to those brass monkey dudes :shock:

    Who'd live there by choice???

    But, once clear of that, it was heaven, not cold at all.

    Been fairly ordinary weather since then tho :?

  5. Pfft... wooosie TT rider [-(

  6. pfftt...? woosie? Not really went swimming at Weymouth amongst the iceburgs and surge. Great fun.

    Brooker Dragway! nice decription its definatley a dragway for bikes. I live just of the brooker and you hear them all the time. It warms the heart.
  7. I can remember a few times coming up from Glendevie to the big smoke the cold and fog along the Huon river and hitting the top of the hill at lower longley and looking back at the blanket of fog and shivering thinking I should have brought the camera would make a wicked picture I reckon all you could see was Hartz mountain BRRRRRR :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :LOL: :LOL:

  8. Oh yeah... Vince's Saddle they call that.... now that is a cold place... even in summer

    A bloke at work regularly rides his pushy up there.... for fun :shock:

    :grin: :p :LOL: