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The Frustrated Ramblings of a LAMS Prisoner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Rashpocket, May 29, 2010.

  1. So.
    Been riding for 10-12 months, never got around to going for my P's because i moved to NT to work and they flew me to Cairns for my time off. I couldnt get my P's in NT (where my licence was) because my bike was in QLD but my licence wasnt. Anyway Moved back South and went for my P's. Flying Colours, except i didnt wait 5 seconds after indicating before moving from the kerb side (3 times i did it) and i god damn failed. Besides swearing a Vandetta against the Bastard who marked the test i had to move on. I mean people can tell when someone knows what they are doing on a motorcycle and i did all the stupid manouvers correctly except that stupid rule.My Hometown only holds P's tests every 3months soooo i have to travel 120k's to go for it again!

    Therefore here is my dilemma, i currently have a drz400 which is great, a real adventure, 'go anywhere' bike.Combo Start/19L tank/Bash Plate/Barkbusters and a B&B Alloy Rack (not those evil looking tall racks)
    Im looking to upgrade though as good as the drz is, i find myself wanting more. Iv been looking very closely over the last few months to find 'loopholes' in the Lams system to allow me to have fun on a bike whilst still testing me and to learn new things.

    So to summerise all of this im looking for a >
    1.Light Flickable bike (prefer under 150kgs)
    2.High to Very high Power to weight ratio (compared to other Lams bikes)
    3.Crashable- Im talking Axle Sliders/Barkies/Maybe Oggy's(Not that i want to but accidents happen and i cant afford to repair plastic/fibreglass)
    4.Has to have the pontential to be slightly on the hooligan side (yes im young)
    5.Has to last 1200 or more k's between oil changes and general maintenance.

    Right now i can narrow it down to 3~4 Bikes.
    (Not Listed in order)
    1.Husky 610sm
    2.Husaberg FS650E
    3.KTM 640 Lc4 sm

    Willing to spend 6-8k for a decent bike but has to be (somewhat)reliable, prefer combo start.
    Am I barking up the right tree?
  2. Realistically, will any LAMS bike, even those you list, give you enough extra to justify the hassle/expense of an early upgrade? Maybe grit your teeth for now and spend the money on your post LAMS machine when it's time and get something really exciting.
  3. Yeah, you'll know what we mean when you can ride a high powered bike that it's really quite similar between LAMS bikes, and it's chalk and cheese between LAMS and non LAMS. It's a bit like deciding which car is the fastest when you're about to get your rocket licence.
  4. 180% ditto!
  5. I reckon go for it mate. If your not out to do 300 km/h most of those big singles should pull to 100 almost as hard as a thou with all that torque(just guessing - would need someone to confirm). I would say they are almost rockets in disguise. My question is this though: how much above then the 400 are they? But if you are planning on staying with dirt/motards for a while, I can't see why not.
  6. As a general rule, LAMS is essentially 150kW/tonne, with the bike's empty-tank wet weight being used with an assumed 90kg rider with all safety gear on top of it.

    So, you're looking at around 240kgs, with a limit of 150kW/tonne, or effectively the engine cannot make more than 36kW, or about 48hp at the crank, and still qualify for LAMS.

    You're in NSW, this is the relevant LAMS approved list:


    The KTM 640 SM is not there, because it appears to exceed the LAMS power:weight ratio. The Husky 610SM is there, and appears to barely scrape in under the power:weight ratio cutoff. The Husaberg FS650E is also there on the list. It has the lightest weight, and near as I can tell, has ~65hp at the crank. By all rights, it should not be on the list, unless it's being sold in restricted form.

    ie. Of your stated choices, the Husaberg FS650E looks the goods performance wise, and would appear to meet all your goals. You'd want to discretely check about whether it needs to be restricted, or if that's an oversight.
  7. Yeah i was told the Berg had the best performance out of the 3. From what i remember they are KTM in disguise (Made in Austria/Brembos/Good Reputation for singles)-Correct me if im wrong.
    My only worry is if they would last more than 10k k's between rebuilds>?
    Also been told they can pull the front end up in 5th gear :demon:
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    its like that with MOST lams bikes, but not with motards. you obviously aren't the target market for one so its a tad hard to explain. think of them of the lotus elise of the performance car world on the black stuff, but with the offroad capability of a hilux and the comfort of a pile of bricks.

    they make you do bad things without the high speeds, so thats a good and bad thing it seems.


    husaberg has been owned by ktm for many years, and yes 5th gear wheelies is doable on them. the 2008 model fs650e is the pick of them (its black) and with standard gearing will hit near on 200 km/h.

    the fs is practically a race bike with lights, so oil changes will be common (not sure on a number but every 750 - 1000 ish would be it)

    the husky 610's and big ktm's go alot longer between oil changes, they are around the 5000km mark, but you don't get the horsepower and theres more weight. still hooligan bikes, but not an animal like the berg.

    the ktm 625/640's are renowned for being giant vibrators, but last well with road use. theres lots of stuff out there for them, but are more road based than the berg.

    i recommend the berg, servicing is a bit more but damn they should be outlawed!! last better than the aprilia's too, but they have more power again. the 550 aprilias have about 66 rwhp standard, and are lams in nsw!

    heres one on the dyno with 65 rwhp at only 6800rpm.


    but you could always get a ktm 525/530 and put sm wheels on it if you wanted.
  9. I really must try one of those motards. People certainly seem keen on them.
  10. I think the SXV550 is also LAMS.

    I don't know what these people are on about with all LAMS bikes being slugs. If you're up for the maintenance, an SXV or FS650 will be manic.

    Neither bike should be LAMS. They're on there because of ADR restrictions, once they're uncorked, they're not under the power to weight limits, and certainly aren't learner friendly.
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    Do the bergs need to be derestricted? If so whats the process?
    And what millage would i get out of the berg before a new set of rings/piston etc etc is needed?
    I feel pretty comfortable with my skill on the road, i just something to push me to get better, and the drz can do that atm.(Its not its fault)
    I rode the tits off an Aprilia Rs125 when i first started riding for 8 months, and i want to explore the darker side riding whilst keeping it under 160 kmph.
  12. You won't find a restricted Berg, 2nd hand or otherwise. They were never intended to go anywhere restricted.

    Depends how hard it gets ridden, and if it has always had clean air, oil etc.

    Bergs are a funny subject. Some of the older ones had "quirks" like weak crankshafts. I'd suggest you get on a berg forum and start reading if you want one.
  13. Hey thanks devo, do you have any websites on handy? i tried SMJ and the OZ SM website, link from another thread here on NR.
    The guy was kinda old (60) that owned it but no doubt age is no restriction when racing. Sounds like i should do some more research, iv only scratched the surface so far. Seems like im destined for a tard in the near future nontheless
  14. There's an actual berg forum. I dont have the link handy, I'm more of an AF1 and ktmtalk guy. :p
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  16. Christ. I thought it might've been a bit more cryptic than that. Some people...
  17. I actually searched google as soon as i posted that, finding several forums for husky's and berg's.I read through them for a few hours, i was merely asking devotard if he had any good sites his sleeve.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence
  18. I'm happy to help people who help themselves. My apologies.
  19. Get the new Yamaha FZ6R or whatever it is, buy an unrestricted EFI from the USA, install it, and bam, a LAMS marked bike with 600 power and looks to boot.
  20. you should have left this of a LAMS Prisoner off the thread title