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The Frozen North

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by creampuff, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. How are things in sunny Oz?

    Here in Euroland, I just ran a few errands. Started off well, was still twilight when I set out, clear skies, temp about +1C. Then it got dark, got colder and a fog came in... but temp was below freezing now, so it was a freezing fog. When you ride into a freezing fog, it instantly turns into ice crystals on the outside of the visor, while the inside fogs up with condensation. The end result was I spent a couple of hours motoring around in the -1 or -2C temps with the visor open so I could see :coldfeet:


  2. .... This is why us pommies come to Oz!!..... Please say hello to my mum lol......:D
  3. Ah, the nostalgia :). It's also fun, after you've had the visor up for a while, when you put it back down and all the ice melts off your eyebrows and falls into your eyes.
  4. Hey tweet i didnt realise you were a pom too
  5. ... You are Welsh??.... Or have I got that wrong??.... Yep!.. I am from pommie land.. :woot:
  6. #6 Tweetster, Dec 14, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2012
    lol .... i went from Kingston to Bournmouth on the back of a kawasaki 500 in the middle of winter at night...wearing cowboy boots, duffel coat, jeans and woollen gloves (and helmet). when we got there, i was frozen in sitting
    position!!..... ah..memories!! BF at that time was an aussie!..... lol

    1st motorbike i actually rode too!!....
  7. Nice to see some of you are still riding this time of the year over your way. from what I've heard most of you don't ride this time of year. To much rust from all the salt on the roads.
  8. I started riding in Cornwall. All conditions. Fark it got cold!
    I'm well ard me!
  9. ...Wasn't Bodmin Moor was it??....... :p
  10. Could have.been broad moor
  11. i learned to ride in june in canberra, was pretty cold in the early mornings and at night, maybe -3 ish, nights could be down past -5 if it was really late or early, fcuk it was cold i remember trying to ride with my bike gloves inside my ski gloves to keep the wind out (were vented gloves) lack of feel made it way too intense to ride though. I used to put electrical tape on the zips of my kevlars to keep the wind out.
  12. Can't speak for the mainland but, unless the UK riding population has turned into a bunch of wusses since I left, they have a far higher proportion of year-round riders than Australia, based on casual observation. Salt is combatted by either coating the entire bike in grease or by ignoring its effects (until all the bolt heads snap off anyway).
  13. Happy new year, chaps. Today in Cumbria:
  14. Is that a garage door opener left of the tank? Fantastic views!
  15. I grew up riding peewee 50's in Alaska with Eskimos wearing nothing but Speedos
  16. Were the Eskimos wearing nothing but speedos or was it just you Mick...
  17. Just me cos that's the way I roll.
    Those Eskimos are pansies
  18. Pics would help to 'flesh' the story out you know...:ROFLMAO:
  19. Some visuals the world can do without
  20. Can't be Cumbria. I can see the tops of the hills :D.