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the French know how to protest stupid govt...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Damn, thats impressive. It does help when you have a small country and a tight community, as evidenced by their response to muslim immigration.

    But here, how can we get that kind of action? Not only for motorcycle issues but something like internet censorship as well.
  2. Lets pick a date, organise a spokesgroup with some genteel calm about them, inform the media and JUST DO IT!
  3. Not bad for a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys - just kidding :)

    This is a good action for simple everyday common sense.

    On a serious note this is a great thing to see - not from only a motorcyclists perspective but simply from a citizens perspective

    The French are telling their Government -- you work for us - we put you in your positions - not the other way around

    The citizens are more important than a small group of elitist politicians and these politicians must learn that it is their responsibility to represent the needs of the populace - not tell the populace what they need or want.

    Why do we not do this in Australia ? we are apathetic and as our standard of living is at a high level we do not want to rock the boat -- should we be going hungry I am sure that some serious action would happen.

    Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned lynching mob to show who is really in charge.
  4. Anyone looking to the French political processes for serious guidance or example needs to be locked up!

    "I've made arrangements with one of the French Governments..."

    the Goons :LOL:
  5. Because French have a tradition of revolutions and guillotines, while we just have a tradition of saying 'baaa.... baaa...'
  6. The French protest is awesome. :grin:

    Not sure the British one is doing much for public relations though.
  7. ha gold. i love the burnouts blocking the on ramp in the 2nd vid of the first link... and the scooter wheelie
  8. I love it :D

    Australia your future is calling.
  9. we really need to do something like that, specially in victoria, take over the cbd on a saturday, or even better, a monday.
  10. MRA are you paying attention?
  11. I used to do Critical Mass when I was younger,
    a monthly protest for cyclists wanting cleaner air and more cycle lanes.
    imagine a thousand cyclists clogging up the Sydney CBD on a friday afternoon.
    at every intersection, a cyclist would skid to a hault in front of each car waiting for the lights while the rest proceed through. it pissed a lot of people off
    judging by mayor Clover Moore's new cycle lane in Alexendria (at great expense to motorists and local business owners) i guess it finally worked.
  12. That's the difference here:

    The people in the articles are following the law to the letter.

    Critical Massholes ignore the law.
  13. And that's how far we are gonna take the cyclists vs motorcyclist argument, I want to see positive outcomes not the shit I read above.
  14. haha power to the people.
  15. Wasn't there something similar here with motorcycle parking a while back? (I'm talking a few years ago now) Where someone wanted to ban footpath parking in Melbourne or something?

    There was an organised protest where motorcycles took up parking spaces in the CBD and created mass chaos.
  16. Good effort.

    I will, however, respect them when they finally stand together and get the French authorities to repeal the 100bhp limit for motorcycles.
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  18. holy shit! i used to live 100m from there!

    If only they were to protest a useful cause, instead of some drag-race meet being canceled.
    I feel sorry for Bob Janes. They have the goodwill to spend money to sponsor an event, but it goes pearshaped and then their stores get trashed... all for them wanting to help out in the first place...
  19. From a wise source today:

    Smee - when you can organise the the money and the numbers to fund an organisation like that - then the MRA will have teeth.

    Then I'm assuming that you would use the MRA Brand....

    MRA has done this in the past - hasn't made much difference.

    I'd say that in Australia - most riders are pretty indifferent and wouldn't turnout even if we told them - in the numbers required that is - i.e. thousands more than turned out for the Eastlink Protest.

    So to answer your question Smee - MRA are paying attention - its you guys that aren't giving the MRA legs......

    PS Have you forgotten that MRA (me personally) organised just such a similar event when the NTC threatened to ban Filtering? We had a ride and slowed the Eastern Freeway and made our point........

    When are you ever going to stop bashing the MRA Smee? It doesn't help any of us one iota......!!!!!