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The "Free to Good Home" Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by froggy, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. For the vast majority that don't know, I picked up the bike that MVrog offered up for removal last week. Thanks Rog! :beer: What a gent!

    I have done a bit of hunting and it is a 1975 Yamaha DT100B, and for the most part, is largely complete, albeit needing work.

    I have had a quick squiz and I am reasonably confident that with just a few parts I can have the bike running again. The little single turns over and has compression. Throttle cable is snapped, which I am guessing is the reason why it was put into a shed in the first place; the bike was getting tired and something broke = too hard basket.

    I have dabbled in restorations of old cars before but after having a play, the brother in law and I are amazed at the relative simplicity. Besides, anything that you can work on without laying on a cold concrete floor has got to be good!

    So.... we have decided to get the bike going to see if the engine needs much work, and then begin the pulldown and the hardwork begins.

    Parts wise it will need a bit of work, all the lights are gone, clutch lever/mount, ignition coil are missing, the remainder just needs some work, paint/rechromed or maybe replacement were necessary etc.

    I am amazed at the level of parts still available on the net, either repro or NOS however the quality of either I am unsure of. Either way, buying using either of these methods is still going to be expensive (nearly all of the stuff I can find is o/s - uk or asia), although I will (hopefully) have a tidy little mantlepiece at the end. And learnt a lot about bikes in the process.

    Anyone know of a place to source reasonable priced bits? Or do you have or know someone that has a DT100 or similar you are willing to offload for some cash?

    This is what it should look like:

    The before shot I will post tomorrow!


    PS Rog you're a champ
  2. Yeah thanx mate. I always thought I was great. Now I know for sure.
    Did you enjoy the wine?
  3. Sunday night :wink:
  4. No worries.

    Keep this thread going, with regular restoration reports. I will be keen to see what you make of it.
  5. Glad to see it at a good home.
    For parts, try Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers 9457 1866

    PS, think I may have some vintage gloves from that era, but only one of each, not a pair.
  6. bryson bike wreckers in sydney might have somthing but OS ebay is the key.
  7. Cant wait to sere how it all comes together, those things were everywhere when I was a kid!

  8. Is Vic Motorcycle Wreckers the place on Bell Street? No stuff, but does seem like a nice bloke.

    I will try Bryson on Monday

    This is what it looks like now:


  9. That reminds of the first bike I ever rode, it was a gemini of all names.
  10. Even the before photos look better than the pre delivery state!

    ebay currently have the parts catalogue on sale at $12.95 from some guy in Queensland.
    This site might help with the search for parts.

    When you get to uphostering the seat and if you need some help, let me know.
    Have a good friend that specialises in that for historic bikes.
  11. Have a look at the Yamaha AG100 if you're haveing trouble finding parts. They look pretty simular in the design. The exaust from the 70's model might fit, you would have to check measurements first (air box and carby as well?). I recon the side panels from the current model ag100 will clip right onto your frame though.

    Good luck with the project and have fun:grin:
  12. ^ Cheers! Never thought of the aggies. Good one.

    I have installed new points, coil and the damn condensor. All the wires are crusty and fell apart at the slightest tug. Also learnt the hard way that less is sometimes more with solder.

    Did all that last night, but come midnight I had enough and tonight I can't be shagged going out in the cold. Fingers crossed the above parts do the trick.