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The free bike better be worth it ! . . . . .

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. they should do that in the east side of melbourne
    mb then they'll stop trashing stores like blockbuster
  2. have you watched the news vid of the the snowboard guy, shown to the left of the article on this web page? Interesting. :shock:
  3. Pretty much, probably be something like this (worth about 1500 bucks Australian):
    Malaysia basically doesn't have any bikes larger than 175cc due to taxes and licencing.
  4. That looks remarkably like a postie.:)
    1500 Oz hey. Thats an OK pushie. Not a good pushie but an OK one :)
  5. Yeah most of their locally produced bikes are based on the Honda Supercub. Only thing that's really different is their cruiser (based on the Kawasaki Vulcan). Only has a 175cc air-cooled single - but it's also only about $2,400 brand new (and is actually kinda fun to ride).
  6. Maybe we can talk em into a 175 Kat copy :)
  7. If I removed a sparkplug I'd already have one :LOL:
    (well okay it'd be 187cc but close enough)
  8. They are called "Under-Bones" in the Philippines and are pretty popular in South-East Asia.
  9. Well, just to be somewhat argumentative, that's not strictly true. Have walked down the street in Kuala Lumpur, and seen FireBlades and Gixxers, typically parked out the front of expensive nightclubs that cater to foreign tourists.

    More likely that the average high-end sportsbike is somewhat of a luxury item for most.
  10. What could illegal street racers possibly want with such a toy?

    What exactly do they race :LOL:
  11. that is a sweet looking scoot, posties should use them! :p
  12. Ever been there? They all ride pretty much the sort of bikes that jd linked to. You'll pull up at some lights at night, and then be surrounded by 20-30 guys on these things, the lights change and they wail on the throttle, dropping the clutch, and will actually pull wheelies across an intersection before they run out of puff. This is what they do for kicks. As what generally applies anywhere, you make do with what you got, and seeing what these guys can do on little shitboxes is as impressive as it is amusing.
  13. hehe defiently been something to see

    Always wonder where the local postie bike gangs roamed.. guess its malaysia
  14. True, but that's because KL is where the money is. Get out from the city and even a 110cc scoot is considered a luxury. Basic problem is there's huge import tariffs on all import bikes making anything not produced locally extremely expensive - they also have a graded licence system and getting an unrestricted licence is also costly and difficult. Is fun to see what the locals do with what they've got - lost count of the number of step-thrus I saw that had been done up as Rossi replicas. The way some of them can ride them is truly impressive...and scary (nothing quite like seeing THREE people on a bike all getting the knee down through a corner - in shorts :shock:).