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The Fred Nile p0rn Research

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Can't quite believe that no one has posted this yet.
    (I even did a search)

    Christian MP Fred Nile engulfed in net p0rn scandal

    A CHRISTIAN Democrat MP has conceded a staff member looked at internet p0rn, but "for just a few seconds".

    An audit of NSW parliamentary computers showed p0rn was accessed under Reverend Fred Nile's log-on.

    Sources said that up to 200,000 suspect hits had been recorded, but Mr Nile said research into the Australian Sex Party could be responsible for the hits.

    The MP insisted neither he nor any member of his staff had been "sitting there perving'' on p0rn movies in Parliament House...

    full story...

    Come on - 200,000 hits isn't "research" :)
  2. In depth research
  3. Wouldnt be surprised at all if those people who are most active and vocal about p0rn prohibition have the kinkiest tastes in p0rn.
  4. That's a lot of fapping :jerk: :shock:

    Is he a celibate reverend? :-k
  5. and if he was talking about internet p0rn without knowing what it was he'd be shot down as not knowing what he was talking about.....
  6. The Fred Nile p0rn Research

    Thread title makes me lol.
  7. It's not so suprising

    How many morals crusaders have been busted as closeted practitioners of exactly what they are crusading against?

    The name Ted Haggard springs to mind.
  8. Quite true, Hornet, now he has 200,000 hits worth of "knowing what he's talking about" :rofl:
  9. Last I saw it was not done on Fred's personal login. Someone in has office may have a lot of 'splainin' to do.
  10. This would suggest otherwise and is a very foolish thing if indeed he has permitted this.

  11. He should just admit that he faps with the fury of a burning sun. Seriously, who will care?
  12. This of course is a lie.

    The Sex Party and Eros websites do not link to hardcore pornography.
  13. The flailing around through multiple dodgy excuses that are all inconsistent with one another is fairly typical.
  14. Anything bigger than a pistol = AK47
    Anything 'harder' than you would see in Target™ junk mail = hardcore p0rn
    _Numerous other examples_

    Remember, its the Herald Sun ;).
  15. Lol, funniest thing i've read all day!

    It's very difficult to claim the moral high ground unless you have a good excuse to present your target audience for violating said moral high ground.

    What better excuse than one that paints the man out to be a technologicaly inept user who gives his credentials out to others.....
  16. I wonder if they had a budget to study the effects of motion on animate objects... :jerk:

    What I think was the funniest thing was this part of the article from the smh website:
    "One staff member, a part-time researcher, uses Mr Nile's personal login name and password.

    He was aware that his staffers were looking up websites to conduct research to inform his party's campaign against the Australian Sex Party and any legislation in Parliament relating to internet filters, he said.

    The staffers only needed a "few seconds" on each site to ascertain the type of material it contained and did not watch entire films or movies."
  17. or according to random woman in 4WD, pistol = double barrel sawn off shotgun.
  18. Taken from Wikipedia regarding Pastor Ted Haggard,
    'As of early 2009, Haggard continues to receive counseling, and now he says that he is a “heterosexual with issues'

    FUNN IE!
  19. While I'll freely admit to mildly enjoying watching this vile man squirm. I'd suggest these numbers they like to throw about are not quite as presented. More than likely these include any server hit for resources, not just 'pages', and so can probably be reduced by anything up to two orders of magnitude.

    Though that is still a significant number of investigative page loads. ;-)