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"The Fog" ...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Over the last couple of years I have come across many topics on riding in sub-standard conditions, mainly wet riding & wind etc.. But unless I'm blind, stupid, or both, I have not seen a thread dedicated to riding in the fog.
    With the recent foggy weather in Melb, I thought it would be a good idea to throw our ideas, tips & suggestions for riding in foggy conditions.
    I'm interested to know if there are more things I/We could do to be safer riding in the stuff, and is there something I'm doing that I shouldn't be?

    Obviously NEVER use your high-beam, you'll only get a blanket of light thrown back into your face.

    I try to ride behind a few car lengths behind a cage in bad fog. I figure any traffic up ahead has a better chance of seeing him than they would seeing me if I was up the front. <<< What are your thoughts? right or wrong?

    I also try stick to the speed limit, going too slow may find some trucker on top of you, we are smaller, harder to see and trucks don't stop as quickly as we'd like.
  2. Flash break lights before breaking if possible, extend indication periods, I like to travel close enough to the car in front to see their lights.

    Travel where you can follow a line
  3. Avoid giant prehistoric insects, spiders and dinosaurs.
  4. I think that you would find ghosts and spirits are more common in fog the anything prehistoric this proven by almost of horror movies.

    The incorrect information you have provided could cost lives. Nothing worse then getting possesed by a spirit while riding.... trust me my helmet filled with green vomit. Or that could have been a really big sneeze, either way it was messy
  5. You haven't seen The Mist?
  6. Don't waste your time. Terrible movie.
  7. Um... Hi visibility vest?
  8. Simple - don't ride faster then you can see. And be aware for dickheads driving at 40 ks an hour on mountain roads, because they can barely master their car. They're the ones usually riding their brakes.
  9. Good idea Vinnie. :)

    Fog is the perfect time NOT to be the leader.

    I like to give myself some space from the cars ahead (if they exist) and use their headlights and tail lights as additional guides to the shape of the road ahead. Their brake lights can be an "Early Warning" system, as well.

    Bear in mind that with fog around, it is typical for the road to be at least a little damp, possibly even slipperier than when it is fully wet, so the usual wet weather riding tchniques would apply as well.

    Ray's advice of "Don't ride faster than you can see" and what that alludes to, is, THE best bit of advice for a general rule.

  10. And, oddly enough, in my experience the very worst thing that you can do is STOP. From years of riding/driving along Madden's Plains between Wollongong and Sydney, you are always better to keep riding (albeit at reduced speed) than you are to pull over to the side of the road and hope that the fog clears.

    I have seen so many multiple car accidents where someone has pulled over for "safety" reasons only to be collected by other cars who are feeling their way through the soup.

    Keep going, and have the antennae out for danger.
  11. I find sticking to roads I know that at least have street lighting helps for riding or driving. By staying on roads that you know you will at least have some idea of where the road goes and roughly where you are going to need to turn and which lane to be in. As already posted having a car or other vehicle to follow helps to light up the road also.

  12. wear water proof clothes....fog makes you wet
  13. fogoff face mask and thumb wiper for the visor because apart from not seeing through the fog seeing through the visor is another matter again.
  14. My defensive for riding is too jump in the car and enjoy the wonders of windscreep wipers and demisters... not worth the risk
  15. in one sense i agree with the 'dont ride faster than you can see', but considering a couple of nights coming home from the club in the city, say 4am, on the eastern.

    it's thick as soup, i cant see more than 20-50m in front of me. i am NOT riding at 30km/h, as what little traffic there was, was doing a decent speed, about 80 clicks or so. no desire to be collected from behind.

    if you can, sit behind a car, safe enough distance to react to anything ahead, but close enough so you can use their light as well.

    i also chuck on the hazard lights, simply so others can see me easier. they stand out alot better than a white headlight in white fog, or a constant tail light. flashing is good :wink:
  16. You could always fit a foghorn, or tune the exhaust to emit the right note ...
  17. Quite so Robin...but let me pick you up on one very subtle yet important point that is often missed, more for the benefit of others, mate...

    I said..."Ray's advice of "Don't ride faster than you can see" and what that alludes to, is, THE best bit of advice for a general rule."

    It is VERY important to differentiate "General Rules", since as you so rightly pointed out...they cannot apply in ALL circumstances. :)

  18. how many bikes have hazzards
  19. Well working night shift and only being 5 or so mins away from home on the bike i tend to ride with the visor up and enjoy the freshness on the moist morning air :) Speaking of moist, fog is a good cheap moisturiser for the face actually :LOL:
  20. rode home about 10-10:30ish pm wednesday night from wills. to croydon...Soo much fog, could hardly see 5-10metres in front of me along burwood/maroondah then my area.

    luckily hardly any cars. visior shut = fog on... visior open = water just building up all around my eyes. .... shut visior again = water build up from condensation inside and outside of visior.

    just rode home with visior on rest of way.

    think i was more paranoid about some random thing just appearing out in front of me ie. pot hole, stick debri etc.