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The flatish blue finish on the ZX6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Eric, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. I'm after any opinions experience with the flatish blue color on the new ZX6?

    I've seem to be drawn to it like Homer to Beer and Donuts and think I'll just buy the damn thing next month.
  2. IMO a Kawasaki has to be GREEN

    Otherwise it would be like buying a blue Ferrari :? :eek:

    But hey, if you like it, get it! Only matters really what YOU think of it :grin: . Either colour and I want a ride :oops: :LOL:
  3. My Wife and Daughter won't let me buy a green one........... My son doesn't care!!!
  4. :LOL: When my wife gets her licence and is gonna ride my bike, then she gets a say in it. Until then (never) I will take the Green :grin:

    I still want a ride!
  5. i happy she doesn't ride, she can't pester me. i've only got about 30% to go to convince her, as she delaying the purchase of her new car for this!!!! We can work something out about a ride.
  6. Buy it! You know you want to. :)
  7. yep girls see the green as a salute to the teenage mutant ninja turtles that should have ended years ago, i'd have to agree with them.

    and don't even get me started on bikes with flame decals! geeez :p
  8. i agree if you are going to buy the kwaka its gotta be green
    but if you like the blue go for it

    they all look nice :LOL: :LOL:
    and in any colour :LOL: :LOL:
  9. hmm i love kwakka's and I don't like green at all.

    I like Black :)
  10. I like the new blue :grin: but I have always HATED the Green or Booga green as i call it :shock: .but having said that the last xouple of years i am now starting to like the green :LOL:

    It must me like red wine..an aquired taste :wink:

    Cheers :cool:
  11. If that's the colour of your booga's Dazza, you really need to see a doctor about it :p
    Just for the record, I like the blue :)
  12. Don't worry Eric, it doesn't matter what colour the bike is, Kwaka riders see everything in green.

    Team Green
    We take no prisoners
  13. Jealous of what all the other riders are riding? ;)
  14. Eric,

    My mate has the '06 Black one and it looks ace, I had the glow in the dark '05 Magma Red for awhile and they make the green look poxy.

    I also think the new '06 frosted blue is just bang on the money. Only a die hard Kawa fan would buy one in green.

    I say go for it! (Make sure you've had a good test ride first though, they are very racy bike and have hard suspension, which is why I have the F4i now)
  15. Cheers for all the advice, i want, i must have...............
  16. i like it but its a colour i could see my girlfriends bike being in. (no offence)

    i never liked the green but its grown on me
  17. Mate, buy whatever makes YOU happy.... YOU'RE the one who's gotta ride it after all.....

  18. I've had a sit in the zx6 , blue as it happens but forget the colour for now. Only my opinion of course but I just dont like the dials set up. The whole dash looks wrong to me. I think I'm bitter with Kawasaki because they seem to have abandonded altogether the mid range tourers. R.I.P ZZR600. and gone the boy racer bike. Pfutt to them. No . No thinking about it . I'm def bitter with kawasaki.
    So , as I approach the serious pursuit of an upgrade , and being a fan of the sports tourer, what do Kawasaki have to offer - nothing. Not unless I look to those beasts at the top end.

    Ducati is looking better and better I think.
    Down with the green... Black or red.....
  19. Z750 with bikini screen??
  20. The Z all alone like that means naked , yes ??
    Not for me if it is.
    I am going to try the zx10 and while there have a sit on the zx14, but I have my doubts about the riding position. On the other hand , the ducati st3 looks nice and comes with free lattes for 12 months I'm assured......