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The Flash

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hawklord, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. So, I own a Yamaha FZ1 second generation 2008 model.
    It is well documented on various forums that Yamaha made a mess of the fuelling when they created the second generation in 2006.
    They had improved it enormously by the time the 2008 came along but it was still far from perfect.
    Stutters from take off if you use too few revs, surging at a constant speed on freeways etc. seems to be at its worst
    around 80kph in top gear (3000 revs).
    There is also the dreaded injector cut when closing the throttle into corners causing a momentary lack of responce when you rollthe throttle back on and then a kick in the pants when the injectors switch back on, not at all conducive to smooth, stable conering.

    Having said all that I love this bike it does everything well from the commute (22 klms) to sunday learner rides and to carving up the twisties.

    I read somewhere that having the ECU flashed was the way to go and put in a fair amount of time researching the why's and how's.

    I decided it would be done if I was happy to keep the bike after owning it for a full year, time passed and the year was up, I had decided that this is a long term bike so, it was time to send the ECU to ECUnleashed in WA to have it flashed.

    I couldn't do it, those of you who know me will know that I have never modified a bike I have
    owned except for fitting adjustable levers to them, I couldn't do it!!!

    That was January this year. I found Dynobike in Moorabbin almost by accident on the web about a week ago and after numerous emails I took the ECU to them andhad it flashed.

    "bloody hell" - "holy shit" - "wow" "Fuuuuuuu*k Me" - "you're kidding" are just a few of the technical terms that I have used to decribe the difference.

    Now I have the bike that I thought I was buying 20 months ago.Smooth and powerful and so much easier to ride.

    I hadn't realised quite how much I had modified my riding to accomodate the fuel injection foibles of this machine.

    I guess the point of this keyboard dribbling is just to say that if you have a Yamaha FZ1 or any modern fuel injected bike with fuelling problems, get it flashed now.

    Dynobike are easy to deal with and it only took about 20 mins to do, I just took the ECU in, not the bike.

    Melbourne Motorcycle Workshop

    Fuel economy, I hear you ask.......who cares it's a litrebike.
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  2. Generally remapping or flashing will actually improve the economy whilst helping the performance.
    Unless it's removed a restriction at the right hand. :)
    Time will tell.
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  3. Dude...


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  4. Good stuff hawklordhawklord

    Had some tune work done to the Ape which did wonders.
    Once the MT09 is out of factory warranty (ECU flashing is a big warranty no-no) I will have her done too.

    Good to know you got good service and results form Dynobike. Thanks for the tip :)
  5. Who did what to the Shiv BitSarBitSar (seeing as Tuono didn't appear to come through).... ?
  6. FatDuc first.

    Then Rexxer tune - did wonders.
    Speak to Jayson at JMS tuning.
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  7. How much did it cost you pray tell?