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The first nod

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by undii, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Well I finally got my first nod from another bike rider on the road. Just passing each other going opposite directions and the other guy gave me a nod. Made my afternoon :)

    If you were riding a CBR along glen huntly rd in elsternwick and gave a guy on a VTR250 a nod at round 6PM, that was me :D

  2. Yeah, before I started riding I never realised riders nodded to each other but it's certainly a nice touch to the whole riding experience. It is a good feeling getting a "hello" from a fellow rider and reciprocating.
  3. I reckon its great...I didn't know that bikers nod to each other before I started riding......It's feels like I'm in the brotherhood.....except guys on harleys don't nod.....they are way to baddddd to even look at you
  4. Just be happy in the knowledge that 90% of them are accountants or lawyers who just pretend... ;-)

  5. I was shocked a few weeks back when i got a nod from a cruiser rider (wasnt a harley); i assumed he must've been a sports bike rider and just forgot he was on a cruiser.

    ...And dont be too distraught when you dont get a nod from every rider; im sure you realise how many things are going on around us when we ride, and something life endangering is probably happening right as you give the other rider the nod.

    Then again, there are just some plain morons that you meet who have decided that unless your on a litre+ bike they don't want to acknowledge you exist. Nodding a 2fiddy just aint cool enough for them. :p I'll still happily nod for them as its my way of showing respect to another rider.
  6. LOL! Occasionally a Harley bloke will nod,its usually such a shock you just look back in amazement! :LOL: You're all part of the community now,so keep them heads nodding and if ya see someone stopped on the side of the road,ya always stop to make sure they're ok(unless they're with a group of course) 8) 8) :wink:
  7. I got my first nod the other day, going past a scooter rider going in the opposite direction, I returned the nod, gives you that way fuzzy feeling...:LOL:
  8. Don't forget the posties, either.
  9. I'd say give every postie the biggest nod you can muster; they're a crazy bunch. Not even learners would be happy on something with 110cc's that only comes in Honda Red.

    As for scooter riders, i'm happy to give them cred where cred is due (go scootergirl!); but the next bohemian wannabe that flies past me wearing a semi-buttoned white cotton shirt, fisherman pants & farkin thongs is not in a blue moon gonna even get acknowledged by me.

    /end rant. :D
    (oooh, much better... i hadnt had my rant for the day)
  10. I pretty well much nod to everyone, I think it's good manners.. it's their own problem if they don't nod back :roll: :D I also tend to nod when I am not on the bike (I forget that I'm not actually on the bike) and have been amazed how many nods I get back! Hehe.
  11. i challenge you to try doing that if your ever riding in the opposite direction to the superbikes or motoGP traffic :LOL:
  12. Alright.. now your just being silly, as IF I'd be going in the opposite direction! :p :wink: :D

    Unfortunantly for me I tend to head up to PI for MotoGP/Supers on the Wed/Thurs night as part of the medical team and don't take the bike due to hard days we put in. :roll: :?
  13. LMAO, quite the funny guy Insano, which reminds me of the first time that I rode to PI.
    I'm riding along and thinking, GEE there doesn't seem to be too many bikes heading towards the island, but there seems to be heaps heading back to Melbourne.
    That was until we pulled over at a servo, and it was like FARK SO MANY BIKES.
    While your part of the flow you just don't realise how big it is going to get.
  14. Riding out in the country most bikes nod being harley jap or postie (never nod to scooters they are glorified pushbikes), having said that why is it all city metric riders say that the harley boys dont nod I ride a harley and i can always tell when the city boys are around
  15. Well maybe you should come into the city where virtually every Harley rider is either a Banker wannabe or a psycho gang member mate,i reckon i could count on one hand the amount of Harley riders who have ever given the nod to me in my 10 years on the road.Its nothing personal man,like i said in my post,if one does nod,its usually such a shock they've gone by before ive had a chance to nod back! :D 8)
  16. I had the misfortune to breakdown near Flinders a few weeks ago, sitting on the side of the road and got passed by about 11 bright, clean and not very noisy Harleys, they must have been going home from tasting the latest chardonay or merlot, and had to be home to catch the latest financial news on cable, cause not only did they not stop, they went out of their way to look the other way. At least the beer n tat Harley riders would have stopped and beaten me up or something. Anyway it was thanks to a bloke on a viagra and his mobile phone that I managed to get home. ...... I bloody hate Harleys.
  17. 10 minutes out of the dealership on day 1 of bike ownership, I nervously pulled up ahead of all the other right-turning traffic at an intersection.

    Next thing I know, there's a Harley next to me (NOT ridden by a lawyer or banker, believe me). The guy took the trouble to say g'day to a shaky learner on an Across, and I'll never forget him for it. Quite made my day.
  18. There are a few friendly Harley riders,unfortunately the majority are stuffy nosed banker wannabe Rebels,or, actual Rebels who are just bastards in general. :p Sorry to hear about your misfortune Nobby,at least you got home eventually! :D No thanks to the HD crew :evil:
  19. Tank...l was only talking about this same thing today. I never new anything about the bikers nodding to each other and l can recal the first time a guy nodded to me on my first ride around the block and boy oh boy did l get the jollys over that.. :LOL: :LOL: . I felt like l had just been anitiated into riding and it felt fantastic, but l have noticed no matter how many times l nod to a harley rider they never nod back. :evil:

  20. I rarely get the nod from Harley riders when I'm in town, unless its someone I know. Out on the highway I usually wave to fellow riders. I'll often get a wave back, even from the Harley riders. BTW if I knew the Harley rider was a yuppie wannabe, I wouldn't nod or wave in the first place. Just kidding, I acknowledge every rider I see, cruiser, chook chaser, postie, scooter, crotch rocket, whatever.