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The first bike you have ever ridden?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LPCIII, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. The only reason why I ask is because, and I don't know how I managed this, but the first ride of a motorbike I ever had... by my self, riding, was a ?2001? Ducati 600 Supersports. I can't believe my mate gave me the keys to take up and down the street. For real I had never ever ridden a bike before an this is what I started on, so I guess this is why I love my v-twins.

    So, what was the first bike you have EVER ridden?
  2. Mine was an A100, I believe.
  3. Yamaha XT500 the silver metal tank one with dual rear shocks and decompression lever to stop busting your ankle hot-starting it.
    that damn bike did 100mph on the dirt, scarey stuff in hindsight.
    when it was warming up it would go thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump with each thump creating a perfect choke-on smoke ring aahhhh those were the days
    steep learning curve.....

    edit- this was in 1994 i could JUST reach the ground
  4. Mine was the CB250 I had for my Learners, although I'd sat on and turned on my GN250 that had been sitting in the driveway for the 3 weeks previous.
  5. Yamaha RD250. Wicked 2 stroke that had the airbox removed and pods fitted. Wild ride. Needed a steering damper.
  6. YZ80J
    back in the mid 80's
    wow, thats a long time ago!
  7. Yep it was mid 80's, I was young & attractive and had a spanking new 510 Husky scramble bike,
    It became the reason behind my modelling career being cut tragically short :LOL:
  8. the first bike i ever rode was a YZ125. dont know the year or anything. the second was a RM125, an the third a XR100. all on the same day. i chose to leanr on the XR100. lol. good lil 4stroke.

    then learnt how to ride on the roads on a '04 virago. then got my L's and the first bike i owned was a TZR250. took 3 months to get running from when i purchased it. smashed that and brought a '89 virago as my leg was still in a brace and was only bike i could ride. now upgraded to a '06 R6. vrrrm vrrrm.

    theres my 3year bike history :)
  9. Hey Rourkster, same here!! 1974, brand new Yamaha RD-250D model, paid $749.00 for it and a helmet and some wet weather gear!!

    :rofl: @ DuHAST!!!
  10. [img:380:244:fa2d27c412]http://motoplanete.com/suzuki/TU250.jpg[/img:fa2d27c412]
    In red.

    Still got it, too. It's gathering cobwebs.
  11. that was my older brothers first bike, i had the pleasure of taking it for a spin. lovely little toe scraper!
  12. First was a CR125, then CR250 with the odd XR, DT and Peewee thrown in just for fun :grin:

    First (sort of) road bike was CT90 :oops: then CBX250, GSXR400, CBR250, FZX250, GS500, with the husbands YZF600 and R6's thrown in when I wanted a 'real' ride :LOL:
  13. Repco Hotfoot 2 BMX. Oh sorry! Z650.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. The mighty Cibby at the Learners course.
  15. 1st bike ridden was a friends Honda XL 175 jurasic park model.

    1st owned is the same,new top end ported with 3 angle cut valves. Top speed of 145-150 kp/h, rocket.
  16. My very first bike was a Honda 90 down on the farm no licence as I was far too young, later on I also rode my brother's 250 dirtbike when he let me.
  17. mine was a red '82 XR80 that i got for Christmas 1986. In about the same condition as this pic.


    Loved that bike but ended up in hospital with cancer in October 1987 and it was sold again :(
    now, 19 years later i'm finally on two wheels!! :grin:
  18. mine was a Honda XR75 traily.

    will dig a piccie out & post in over the weekend
  19. My sisters new push bike when I was 7..

    Oh wait, you mean motorbike! cb250 at HART.