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The first 50 thou

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hillsy, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. It's been fifteen months since getting off my arse, getting my L's and the start of this two wheel odyssey.

    Cramming 19k into those first three months I couldn't get enough, riding from Sydney to Byron a quick lunch with the hippy's then a straight shot back getting pummeled by BDoubles on the little CB400 with fresh L's was perhaps a tad crazy but It still makes me smile.

    The remaining twelve months on P's and an upgrade in the MT07 was a more sedate 31k, but I've gotten to do a bunch of great rides and make some NetRider buddies, most notably more than a few Oxley runs, Jindy and the Bonang, A FarRide to Armidale and a couple of solo jaunts to Mildura, watching the sun come up over the desert while not seeing a soul for 200km..Amazing.

    Today I graduated to a full licience.. woohoo! No more training wheels.

    Thanks to all I've shared this with and to the NR community, good one people, looking forward to the next chapter.. anyone wanna buy an MT07 ;)
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  2. Congratulations. Bikes are magical in my opinion; the places they take you, the people you meet, the shear living in the moment that it allows you to experience, Bikes should be available on mental health care.
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  3. Congratulations HillsyHillsy, 50,000 kilometres in the first fifteen months riding is impressive, no doubt about it. Plenty of outstanding experiences banked into memory by the sounds too. After your MT-07, what do you think your third motorcycle might be?
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  4. Congrats mate, looking forward to busting out a few more 2000km weekends with you in the near future without that busted up piece of plastic hanging out your arse!! Not that it held you back much (y)
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  5. well done on the full licence and awesome adventures
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  6. Congrats...

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  7. That's a very good q
    Good question, I'm bouncing like a yoyo between a few but will wait to ride em first, stripleR, R1,Blade argh dunno.
    Filtering up to Mr plod at the head of the lights tonight was a pretty good feeling :)
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  8. I thought it was too when I got my full licence earlier in the year. It nearly killed me - choices, choices, choices!

    I'll bet it was! Congratulations again; it is a bit of a relief to get through the Provisional stage restrictions, even if it is just a year for 25-plus year old riders. And as icemakericemaker said, there's that lack of an actual red P-plate hanging off the back of the bike now which is even better.
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  9. Nice one Hillsy, well done, you have achieved more in those 12 months than many achieve on two wheels in 10 years. Was nice to share the cold with you early hours this morning and see the "P" missing.
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  10. As TWEETTWEET said, you've done heaps of ks and by the sound of it good challenging ones! Sounds like you are ready to pick any bike you want. Getting off my lams bike up to a 600 for a few months then on to Blade puts you right back into a completely different ride. Just your body position on something like a Blade or R1 is so different you have to re-learn how to ride. Took me about 3,000ks to just start getting familiar but you'll love the experience. Don't rush it, it will come :woot:
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  11. Thanks Tweet, great fun as usual and since it all started with one of your LP friendly night rides very fitting way to celebrate.
  12. Impressive K's in 15 months. Good work.
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  13. Well done. All of them KM=a lot of smiles.
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  14. Thanks Eric, its been a good ride so far without doubt.
  15. Ah crap. I've only done 46k on my current bike in 18 months, plus 9k on the two previous ones, but that's over (very soon to be) 2 years.
    You got me beat.
  16. Not far off ExportswedeExportswede, there must be some decent rides in that lot.