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the firestorm, can owners confirm?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by idontlikemondays, May 10, 2007.

  1. so im looking at a firestorm tomorrow, just wanted to ask a couple of questions.

    so what are the generic faults with them? (and no, the fact its a twin is not a fault :p )
    i know the voltage regulator goes gammy after a while, but can anyone confirm what i heard about that being rectified in the 2001 upgrade? and is there anyway i can check with a multimeter?
    camchain tensioner failure, at about what mileage can you expect this to happen?
    headbearing wear, would this happen after 13000kms?
    any other problems anyone can think of?

    the bike itself is a 2004 model, 13200kms, italian red, asking price is 9300. no mods other than seat cowl and rack.

    any thought and comments would be greatly appreciated :grin:


  2. hey idontlikemondays i have the 2003 model and yes the headbearing was worn enough to replace last year at about 12500 k's.
    I have put staintunes on so cannot really give you any issues that may have come across with original pipes.
    I have not had issues with my voltage regulator and my bike will sit for 6 weeks at a time with no riding and even if I don't start it at all over that period of time she still kicks over no issues (but i will check this out for my own piece of mind)
    Otherwise in 5000k's and 18 months ownership ( i know... weekend warrior!) I cannot report any sort of 'generic' issues.
    Good luck with the decision!
  3. Regulator/rectifier is a given. Hoonda suck and they use cheap arse parts for this. If it goes, $155 gets you a whopping aftermarket 3phase one.

    The cush rubbers are screwed, ordered a set just before the Tassie trip and the day we were leaving and we had the wheel off, we discovered they were the wrong ones. :( will get around to these when I get the use of my Right arm again.

    Head bearing?

    No such issue on mine and it's done 30,000+ km, the last 12000 were mine and they were fairly hard km's. I always shift without clutching, other than it falling over in Tassie and hurting me, it's a fantastic bike.

    Nothing like the SP1 but hey, ya get what you pay for ;)
  4. different people have different stories with the cct's honda recommend getting the front cct changed every 20,000k's, dohad the front replaced last service, other then that theres no faults on my late 97, its got 48,000 on the clock, and still puts a smile on my face everytime i wind open the throttle
  5. If you do lots of mono's then the headstem bearings will eventually go... given what I've seen of Vic's monoing ability this will take a while :LOL:
  6. thanks james, i just shot him a pm.
    cheers guys, i appreciate your feedback