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"The findings are shocking and will disgust Australian sports fans"

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justin Stacks, Feb 7, 2013.

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  2. Well I hope your all fair and give everyone the thrashing you gave Lance...but I doubt it.
  3. I still think Armstrong is a better role model than Shane Warne.

    Come to think of it, every guy I've known who was named Shane has been an absolute tosser. What is it about that name?
  4. All sports allow betting

    All sports as a consequence are open to corruption and criminal activity
  5. Shocked? NO.

    Stunned? NO.

    Disappointed? YES.
  6. yep, sad days for all sport, thats for sure.
    in recent seasons i've lost interest in afl with the introduction of new teams going on to win flag after flag, while some of the old trusty teams die a slow death at the bottom...

    the latest is probably the nail for me - pretty much done with it.
  7. I didn't even read it.............

    Lance copped an absolute skin full of grief.....and so he should - he built a fortune based on fraudulent activity.......he "sold" his message and talent and became increasing rich.

    He also trained extremely hard and pushed his body to the extreme.....doping or otherwise - the level of commitment borders on genius.

    Having said that - we would all be naive in thinking that ANY professional sport is clean....

    This doesn't mean that the participants don't posses athleticism, dedication, discipline and brilliance......it means that is no longer enough.....

    If people are continuously breaking records then who the hell cares?

    Think about it
  8. I concur.

    I said it in the Lance Armstrong thread and I'll say it again.

    Let's allow doping and enjoy watching super-humans play their sport. It will be the best of the best, doping or not. Then everyone will be on a level playing field.

    Is this unfair to the athletes that want to play clean? Yes it is. However, let's have a problem and find a solution of how to allow doping into sports, rather than expecting sports to be clean of doping.
  9. i say a full clean out. flushing out all the cheats, throwing the book at them and making a real example out of all of them... none of this ''3 strikes b.s'' or short bans will never work, there is just too much money involved. jail time and take the money, thats the only thing that will work.

    once theyre all gone bring up the next tier- that you would hope are still clean, and if theyre not, keep bagging and tagging them till its good.
  10. at least we can safely assume there is no doping in politics... and if there is they obviously havent worked out how to do it properly yet.
  11. I would agree, but there are also significant health issues involved in blood doping and performance enhancing substances. Infertility, cancer, heart attacks are all likely consequences of many of the drugs used in the past, and used now. Are you suggesting that 15 year old school kids who want to get noticed should be using anabolic steroids? Because that is the consequence of what you are suggesting.
  12. What saddens me the most is that my 13 year old son is a very capable and talented athlete, footballer and cricketer, and aspires a career in one of these fields. I feel like it's almost inevitable that he'll be exposed to performance-enhancing drugs at some point and may end up getting sucked into doing something he shouldn't have to do because he'll be under pressure to be competitive. That's depressing.
  13. I'm not sure how you would structure it. I definitely don't condone kids using steroids.

    Possibly extensive testing in the minors, with very steep suspensions if caught doping. That way if you're caught, to be suspended from sport for 2 years, you're almost unlikely to even make it to the pro's. Also, this ensures you're making it to the pro's based on your talent and skill.

    However, once you are pro, doping would be allowed. Doping allows you to train harder, which means you can improve on your current levels. It's not going to automatically make you better.

    Yes there are health risks, but that just comes with the territory.

  14. Nah.....just heaps of cocaine and hookers.......

    Oh wait.....is that doping or dopey?
  15. Also, if doping under medical supervision, a lot of the risks can be minimized I would think. Physicians can monitor the cycles that you are on, screen for cancer, etc.

    So the whole sport would be doping, but athletes would be doing it when they felt they need to, most likely not doping during the off season etc. So it would be expected that some athletes are doping, some are clean, pretty much the way that it is now, just no consequences if your are.
  16. Sorry JS.....

    Having been pro-am as a track sprinter years ago I can't agree.

    A cheat is cheating....

    Yes - they are still training just as hard - sometimes even harder.......but they are cheating....

    The only level playing field is the natural one.
  17. Enforcement is the hardest part
  18. I agree. And very expensive, not enough resources, etc.

    If it's made legal in sport, then technically it's not cheating anymore ;)

    I'm not saying that I wouldn't want all athletes to be clean, i'm just saying that there is so much doping going on, why not just allow all pro athletes to dope if they want to.

    I Think the sport of bidybuilding is on to something. In pro bodybuilding there are all natural competitions, and there is the IFBB which allows steroid use. The IFBB is more popular.

    Probably not feasible to have the same format in all sports, but there has to be a happy middle, i would think.
  19. I do see the basis of your argument JS - it is logical.....

    I just couldn't agree to it - my personal opinion.
  20. The old boys at the Bowls club reckon their Shandies are performance enhancing