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the female serial killer that isnt

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. German police who have hunted a serial killer for years after female dna of a person appeared at many crime scenes have now begun to think the dna at many unrelated crime scenes from 1 person may in fact be a worker at the cottonbud factory who obviously works near the buds before delivery
    "Authorities have admitted that the supposed murderer's DNA identity, which has shown up on swabs taken at 40 crime scenes over 15 years, may already have been present on the forensic equipment before it was used. "
    Phew it's not just our police that can't solve a puzzle without a camera that prints the speed someone was going :LOL:

  2. That's bizarre! I wonder if it calls into question the whole 'swab' process; how could other such tools not also be tainted with some sort of DNA in the manufacturing process?
  3. Now I'm no policeman..., but I would have thought they couldn't go down to Chemist Warehouse and just buy up the stock of ear buds... Even in TV shows now (I thought maybe glamorised for TV but why WOULDN'T they use them) they use the ones that are stuck in the cylinder and a cap gets placed over the top, it must be medically sterile to some degree.
    And DNA on something ISN'T medically sterile in my book :?

    Although it would be a great disguise, she murders a heap of people, and gets away with is cos "but I MADE those swabs, my DNA on them was there to begin with" :LOL:
  4. Oh, that's priceless!

    I wonder what all those profilers who have spent hundreds of man hours drawing up elaborate profiles for this killer think? I read quite a lengthy article about it somewhere...
  5. That's the last time the swab factory hires someone who's allergic to cotton!

    Ah, ah, ah......choo!
  6. Economic crisis...even the cops are feeling it and are buying Black&Gold swabs...

    phong =P~
  7. Some bean counter somewhere forced the department to save a few cents per box of cotton buds... :LOL:

    There are countless stories of bean counters causing technical havoc. I'm almost desensitized to it coming from the engineering profession...
  8. As someone pointed out earlier, the swabs are meant to be sterile, so if they are being contaminated with DNA at the point of manufacture there is a massive flaw in the manufacturing process somewhere along the line.
  9. wow if some1 was to be arrested over that and falsely accused of murder it would be the worst possible thing. I would rather rob a bank and get caught than do nothing and get caught