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The Fat Aussie Barstard's report on the floods in QLD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. .................................


    Give this man a new, cant believe the hide of some people to make a dollar on peoples misfortune

  2. Thats calling a spade a spade, and good on him for doing it,

    We couldnt get petrol in 1973, Arseholes were charging $8-00 A litre,
    I had a wife and child in the middle of nowhere, it was pay up or sit there,

    These low lifes need ****ing up the arse with the rough end of a pineapple,
  3. Champion. I am going to drop into that store as well.
  4. IIRC that store got a 25k fine slapped on them for this.
    The really sad part is that it's not the big businesses doing it - as some people would expect like fuel on pub hols - it's the little shops and servos putting the prices up.

  5. i really hope they did mate
  6. Love this bloke, maintain the rage fataussiebastard!
  7. I dont like it myself but its basically supply and demand, if everything was good then many people would buy the cheaper priced goods (if everything else was equal).
  8. Its not supply and demand, its just blantantly ripping people off when they are down. Lowlife scum. Its no different to looting.

  9. Bullshit, in this circumstance it is racketeering and fukin illegal.
    You RATION your stock as it is a state of emergency.
    That shopkeeper is fukin lucky I didn't visit to buy bread is all I can say.
    His life and reputation is fubared now as would anyone who attempptend to profiteer illegaly during a state of emergency.
  10. Hey I agree that what he did was a low act and if that was me I wouldnt be buying there ever again. Many people lost everything but in saying that many business owners have lost everything when people decides to buy the cheapest from the shop next door. Face it, its a dog eat dog world.
  11. Can you link the legislation that makes this illegal?
    I did some googling and came up empty handed regarding;
    a) any law about rising prices due to emergencies
    b) any store being fined for doing it

    Is it also illegal for the farmers that lost most of their crop to raise the prices of what they have left?
    What about the farmer over the road who managed to miss everything, he can't raise his prices to match everyone else?
  12. What the store did was wrong by increasing the prices so much but no one is forcing the customers to buy from them, they should go elsewhere for better prices then the store that increased it's prices will have no choice but to bring them back down again.

    Cyclone Larry

    Banana Shortage

    The cyclone destroyed 80–90% of Australia's banana crop. Australia is relatively free of banana pests and diseases, and therefore does not allow bananas to be imported. Bananas were in short supply throughout Australia for the remainder of 2006, which increased prices across the country by 400–500%
  13. Slighltly different situation. Those bananas would have been many many farmers sole produce. If they don't get income from a harvest, they can't pay for the crop for the next harvest - if the banana farmers can't pay for the next years crop, no more bananas.

    So while yes, in the rawest most basic form it is just supply and demand (or rather just demand in leichardt's case), they are slightly different situations. Ever so slightly.

    What I don't understand is why a flood in Brissy means petrol in sydney needs to be $1.4/L
  14. Store copped a 25000 fine as was reported in an earlier post so yes what they did was illegal
  15. coincidence as the price of oil is over us$100 a barrel
  16. Again? Oh joy.
  17. Watching his acts of god vid, he reminds me a bit of Borris.
  18. ASAIK there is none, they had the 'Profiteering Prevention Act 1948 (QLD)' but in 1995 Anna Bligh (yes you read correctly) abolished the legislation.

    I think it was just a rumour about how the store got fined. If there's no legislation to say that they can't then how can they get fined?
  19. I would think that the reason the Profiteering Prevention Act was repealed was that there was a federal act introduced that made it irrelevant.

    The ACCC would probably get involved in disputes like this, and it should, I think.

    This is just a guide, but page 54 discusses "unconscionable conduct", which I think this falls under. Excerpt:

    Remember that for a lot of people they have limited choice to purchase goods from other locations as bridges might be down, many stores may be closed. Public transport is limited, and not everyone has personal transport. Some people can't just "go elsewhere", and this kind of conduct is simply revolting.
  20. As it happens, there is questions around the truth of all of this. It may all be bullshit, including the profiteering part.