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The FALCON has a new nest.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FALCON-LORD, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Well it had to eventually happen, and I am yet to feel the full impact of it but...

    WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    why Ahh crap, well we spent closer to our limit than will allow for me to easly upgrade the ZZR, so looks like I am going to be on the 250 for quite a while.

    There are some other bonuses. for the short term I get my Saturdays back (There will be work to do when we move in, and i can see that taking a lot of Saturdays). I finaly get to set up my geek gear properly... Hmmmm have I got plans :grin: I get to build/set up a garage for my bike the way I want it, hmmmm I am liking this (Apart from the whole stuck on a 250 bit).

  2. Well I guess congratulations are in order :).... Sucks about the bike part though. :(
  3. major congrats folcon lord :D nothin like your own castle to store your baby in ;) just hink.. in a year or so you can use the equity on your house to buy a new bike ;) he he.... looks like you have great plans for your house :) good luck with it all.. and congrats again
  4. ...and congrats on 1000 posts too! 2fiddy's better than no bike at all but the wait will be worth it.
  5. Good on you.
    Recently went thru same
    (with aparment - good size LUG tho')
    Its awesome.
    (but I'd swap my second bedroom for more garage space already!!! thats bad huh - fark! the toys are taking ever my life!)
  6. Congrats on the house purchase. As for being stuck with the 250 a little while longer ... 'Good things come to those who wait'
  7. Congrats on the house and the posts!

    where will you be living?
  8. Congrats, don't forget anchor bolts in the garage for when you make the upgrade.
  9. Congratulations! It's great buying a house!
    With regards garages, build it bigger than you think you need and get high eaves (8ft). Teh high eaves keep the garage cooler, and allow you to put some racking in overhead for storage of awkward items. No matter what sort of garage you build, spend the extra on some "builders blanket" under the roof. This will keep temps pleasant.
    Also, the Colorbond garages are dead simple to put up, so you can save yourself considerable money doing it yourself. If you buy through a company that advertises supply only, you will be given instructions and a video on how to assemble one of these garages.
    A typical double garage could be assembled in a day with a couple of mates, power drills and beer.
    And as for fixing things up on teh house, you can get a whole lot done if you devote a couple of hours a night to various jobs, leaving weekends free.
    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Woohoo a Thousand posts as well...
    I will be living in Fairfield, long settlement so next March is the move in date.
    Working out the Shed set up is going to be a ballancing and negtiation act, and I don't think an off the shelf option will be available because of the shape of the space available, Yeah bolts are a likely option, but I'll probably be trying to go for a geek security system (You know the ones that also turn the lights on and off and open and close the blinds)... So a couple of CCD cameras hooked to the garage motion detector will probably also be in the toys list (Just to prove i'm a geek)

    Oh by the way did i mention

    WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! :grin:
  11. wooohooo..... way to go, it's such a buzz ain't it ;)....congrats on the new house, don't worry about the bike, as others have said good things come to those that wait..... it's easier to buy a bike for 7-15k but a house is alot harder.... you made the right choice

    Congrats again

    Cheers stewy
  12. Changed topic so that interested people can find the thread
  13. congrats dude, let me know if you need any help moving (not that i really know what im doing in march yet!)
  14. Congratulations on the house mate. Nothing better than having your own nest, and arranging the sticks the way you like it. :grin:

    The way you throw that bike around, it doesn't matter if it is just a 250. You make it do the work of a 600cc no problems.

    As for a garage, bigger is better, including high ceilings as mentioned above. CCD cameras? Boy, you really are a geek. It'll wear off as you grow up though. :LOL:
  15. Well made it through the first 30 days waiting... only an other 90 to go
  16. congrats buddy. wish u many years of great happiness in the new house.... and don't forget, bigger bikes don't have to be hugely more expensive if you shop around - there's always bargains to be found :wink:
  17. 62 Days...
    Not that I am counting finaly we have made the half way point on the settlement period.
    135 days till I'm off restrictions to...
  18. 30 Days...


    Almost there almost there...
    (103 days till I get off restrictions to :grin:
  19. 4 DAYS!!!!!!
  20. A little excited are we??