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The fail is strong....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by j-rad, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. #1 j-rad, Jun 13, 2012
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    Thought it was pretty bad - then I saw Mr MV Augusta with no helmet...nearly loses it a few times (as does the chase rider - front end appears to be all over the shop,...)

    Incredible. Stupidity.

  2. What.the.fuck.
    I hope he posts his (imminent) crashes.
    I could only watch a few minutes, but I liked the way the ped pulled his girlfriend back like "Watch out! This dickhead could end up anywhere..."
  3. Nothing happened and he wasn’t wearing a helmet. The locals at the lights weren’t wearing helmets either.
  4. looked like it was sped up a bit.
    sure did manage some mighty tight gaps.
  5. 16 minutes of brown pants.
  6. Looks like he has enough skill to get away with it from what I watched. New tyres + those slippery roads they have over there. There is a Greek vid like this too (this vid is from Turkey).

    Just because on netrider it may be that loss of traction = out of control crash and big fireball, doesn't mean it is like that for everyone.

    I mean really, the guy has even provided some decent toonz to accompany his riding and it's a nice bit of entertainment when you are bored. I'd be a hypocrite to attack this guy and then go watch Ghostrider or the Russian Black Devil dude.

    I'm up to 5:00 and not a single "near miss", some people on this site can't even manage a ride to McDonald's without posting a thread about how they almost died. I think the real problem deep down is that we are aware if we posted anything like this online here in Australia half the country's security services would be all over you. AND IT WOULD BE SOME **** MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC THAT TIPPED THEM OFF IN THE FIRST PLACE. How does that live up to your bullshit notions of a "free country" and "dobbing is bad"?

    Get farked.

    Edit: The top comment from youtube sums up just how stupid and uninformed some people are, but we still have to put up with their shit because it is the internet: "no clue how to use the throttle .."

    When the vid is full of controlled loss of rear traction through use of throttle...
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  7. Good point.