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The Facist laws got me

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by OutbreakMonkey, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. So the Vic Govs fascist speeding laws got me.
    54kph in a 50 zone. Careful I might kill someone going that fast!

    So my question is, has anyone challenged these low increment speeding fines and got off?

    I think it's just downright unethical to pinch people for 4kph over when they don't factor in speedometer error.

    Tasmania is looking more and more attractive. Better roads, fewer cops and even fewer revenue raising devices.
  2. Thats total bs. That kind of enforcement is encouraging people to look at their speedo 80% of the time, the 20% for the road.

    Seriously, the more low end speeding is enforced, the less people can concentrate on actually driving.
  3. the ONLY chance is if you've got a perfect cleanly record (no points) and your on a full licence. You appeal to have the penalty reduced to a warning based upon your good record.
    That's the only time it might work.
  4. Good old Victoria! Careful, that 4km/h could have killed someone! Dont know you speed kills!! :jerk:
  5. I was told that they subtract 3kph for speedo error, so you may have actually been doing 57 (you speed demon you).

    Not sure how true that story is...
  6. http://www.fightfines.info/

    Do it! Please God, do it! At least to find out if it works!

    It's under the 10% tolerance and everything!

    I'll netbank you like $20 or something if you do it.
  7. I thought it was %10 error in Victoria? Or was that what they were going to bring in.
  8. its fukd for sure. i got done when i last rode in vic for 105 in 100 zone. worst still was that a saw the strangely parked camry wagon on the side of hte road and i went past watching my speedo sitting jsut under the 100klmh mark. i argued for 6 months and they really couldnt give a fuk. total crap attitude and approach. certainly saved my life! :evil:
  9. That's correct, G-S.

    The fine will have "3 km/h deducted for legislative tolerance" or words to that effect written on it somewhere.

    Now, while I can't reliably cite the source, I understand that speed cameras usually trigger when you're caught doing 7 km/h and above over the posted limit. It seems to be the go, though, given a couple of cameras that I've passed in recent times. I tend to set the cruise in the car to 9 kays over, and so far I've not gotten any TINs in the mail. (7 kays to allow for this tolerance and 2 kays for known speedo error).
  10. What gets me with this is that if they accept that your speedo can be out by 3kmh at 50kmh, then they MUST accept that it will be out by 6kmh at 100kmh. It's only logical!

    Not much help in this case I know, just bad luck that ObM triggered the camera at it's lowest speed.
  11. I think its ur duty as a citizen to let the goverment know of ur frustration. So for evr speeding fine u get u should go and dismantle a speeding camera with some well placed thermite
  12. Here in Canberra, the tolerances are obviously set at a much more sane level, I've cruised past speed vans at 5-10kmh over and not gotten a ticket. The only ticket I've gotten was for 20kmh over and I got pulled over by actual police officers with radar guns that time, which for Canberra is a strange sight indeed.

    (In my defence, I was on my way home from work, late for the movies with a rather good looking blonde)
  13. You child killer !!

  14. This is ridiculous, The system just seems to be be designed to raise revenue , I know of circumstances where drivers have killed on our roads and the drivers have not been prosecuted . ( It cost money to procecute)..
    If someone is really speeding, cop the fine they deserve it , but in this case if its true its a joke. Fight it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. If it's a static speed camera, they'll deduct 3kph.

    I got a fine a while back for 65kph (68 detected) in a 60kph zone. (Yes - Victoria).

    I went into the camera office in the city, and wrote up a request for a warning, and succeeded.

    Mind you, it was my first speeding citation in 7 years. My last speeding citation (back then) was for doing 124kph in a 70 zone, primarily due to extentuating circumstances (guy in car was fishtailing behind me so going faster to put positive distance between he and I was the safest option in my snap judgement opinion - sadly a mobile police officer who happened to be lasering me at the time didn't see it that way).

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, you don't have to be a total angel with a totally unblemished driving record - you just need to be able to show that you're a regular yob who's generally well behaved.

    If your modified speed is 10% or less than the posted speed limit, then you've got a pretty fair chance of getting off if you take the time to write up the request for a caution, and hand it in, in person.
  16. Ooh you ar so going to hell ya bloody hoon! :evil: :evil:
  17. yeah! they should impound your bike to stop you from doing more harm like eating babies and drinking goats blood and blowing up trains and......stuff that's really bad.

    then again if they take your bike off you, you won't be able to speed and get more fines and make more revenue for the regime to spend on tv campaigns about how all of your speeding fine money goes toward better roads and infrastructure and removing wire rope barriers and.. oh hang on, we're talking about Victora.... sorry

    Appeal. You have a good chance at that speed.
  18. I'll do as Cathar suggested. Appeal for a warning.
    I haven't had a speeding fine in probably over 7 years.
    In fact, I haven't had a single motor vehicle charge brought against me in that time.

    Hopefully they'll give me the nod. Otherwise I'll be appealing on the better nature of some grumpy magistrate who has to deal with the dregs of society on a daily basis.... Don't like my chances of that.
  19. Yeah I got of a speeding fine, saying sorry and I have learnt my lesson and it was out of character, :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I'm sure the answers' buried here somewhere, but to whom do you appeal to i.e. if I got caught in, say, the Koo Wee Rup area, live in Hastings and work in another area - just go to any local cop shop, hand them a 'sorry' letter and start begging?