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The F*#kers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by toar_rl, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Some f*ker stole my bar ends from a K1 Gsxr 1000 on siddley st in Docklands Melbourne. They are blue. It's probably unlikely but if anyone knows who it was.... I'd love to congratulate them

    Honestly, who would need bar ends....
  2. Thats low. Real Low.
  3. School holidays....kids would be my first guess. :roll:
  4. Dam punk kids and thier skateboards.

    pretty low act.
  5. the bastards.
  6. wouldnt they need tools?
    allen key maybe?
  7. so look for a punk kid with bar-end hubcaps on their skateboard wheels :p
  8. Keep an eye on ebay. I'm sure you'll find them. LOL.
  9. Thats a s#@t go, sounds like kids :roll:
  10. Tossers, would be great to catch them and beat them with something heavy.
  11. was your bike a blue/white gsxr with ballz on the wheels?
    i stole it......hahahahaha jokin toar. Now your chance to buy some bling bling bar ends
  12. I've decided if I see anyone doing anything to a parked motorcycle, I'm going to ask that person to produce the key to that bike. If they can't - I'm calling the police / taking action, depending on how big they are and how angry I'm feeling at the time.

    Will also write down all details I can about them & follow them if necessary.
    The time for assumptions is past!
  13. Hi toar_rl,
    I have a look at the area and see if there any survalence camera's, then try to find a legal way to view the data!
    Put up flyers regarding the details just in case someone had seen anything to call reception at you work and leave their details.
    If anything comes out of it you should be able to some Justice!

    This sociaty is filled with muts like this!
    No respect for anybodies property.
    If you catch him/her make sure the lite fingers come to have an accident!

  14. Damn straight Ktulu.

    Also what would someone want with bar ends... i mean there not that expensive to buy are they?
  15. Bugger!!! On the bright side, it's now time to go to ausstreetfighter and bling up the bike! :)

    Hope you find the vandals, and give them some of this: [img:100:24:642cc94cfd]http://users.telenet.be/eforum/emoticons4u/violent/sterb032.gif[/img:642cc94cfd]

    And this: [img:74:50:642cc94cfd]http://users.telenet.be/eforum/emoticons4u/violent/sterb002.gif[/img:642cc94cfd]

    And most definitely this: [img:60:30:642cc94cfd]http://users.telenet.be/eforum/emoticons4u/violent/nutkick.gif[/img:642cc94cfd]
  16. MattyB - i'd proly bash just steal their skate board and use their wheels as sliders

    imajo - eat me = P

    Ktulu - fight the power!!, i'm goin to start doin the same

    Jimmyhotdog/LPCIII - yeah not a big deal, it actually looks ok without em, but the point is, who would do such a stupid thing, they probably won't even use em, it's like getting your car keyed, but not as bad hehe

    robsalvv - yeah gona look out for some that have the ability to electricute(spelling?) anyone that tries to touch em...
  17. thats liek someone pinching your valve caps :LOL:
    it happened
  18. with a set of allen keys and a screw driver it wouldnt take too long to srip a whole bike.